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The Primary Essentials Opens in Brooklyn

The Primary Essentials | Lonny.com
(All photos © Jonathan Hokklo)
Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with stylist-turned-store owner Lauren Snyder about her new project, The Primary Essentials, a uniquely curated Brooklyn boutique that opened last week—just in time for the holidays! From candles to quilts, organic body oils to bags, TPE is a must-shop destination (though it's worth a visit if only to ogle the gorgeous interior!) Read on for our full interview with Snyder.

How did you come to open your own store?

Opening this store was really a passion project for me. I’ve had strong connections to stores for as long as I can remember, and it was always something I really wanted to do. This shop brought a lot of my interests together: fashion, culture, food, and design. I also really enjoy the business side of it. The thing that was so desirable to me about opening a lifestyle shop was that there is no strict criteria for what I stock here. When I find something I love, I stock it, and I’m excited for the evolution of things to come in the store.

The Primary Essentials | Lonny.com
(A custom Palissandro Blue Marble desk is one of the design highlights of the space.)
What inspired you to open your store in Boerum Hill?

I was drawn to Boerum Hill for a few reasons. It is at the center of a lot of great neighborhoods, including Brooklyn Heights, Ciaroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Ft. Greene, Gowanus, and Park Slope, and I really felt that a shop like this was missing in this area of Brooklyn. When I found this space on Atlantic Avenue it just felt really right to me, and I loved the company I was in with the other shops on the block. There are some amazing antique and mid-century modern furniture shops, and clothing stores as well. I felt that TPE worked well amongst the other offerings here.

The Primary Essentials | Lonny.com
Who did you collaborate with in the design of the space?

My boyfriend, Keith Burns, is an architect and this space was truly a collaborative effort between he and I. Working with a partner can be challenging, but I think we pushed each other to really achieve what we wanted out of the space. The custom Palissandro Blue Marble desk was definitely the highlight of the shop for both of us.

The Primary Essentials | Lonny.com
You've only been open a short while, but have you noticed a good response from the local community?

Opening a new shop in a neighborhood that's beloved by so many people, some who have lived here for 40 years, is a very exciting thing—but it's also a bit nerve wracking. My hope when opening this shop was that it would be a place all kinds of people would enjoy strolling through. It has been really exciting speaking with and meeting different people from the neighborhood, and seeing couples who are in their 20s and couples who are in their 60s both enjoying looking around. I strive to find unique sources of beauty, while always holding true to pieces that are classic and I hope that comes across to everyone who walks through the door.

The Primary Essentials | Lonny.com
The Primary Essentials is now open at 372 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.
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