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Welcome To New Energy Month

It's all about the vibes this October.

Welcome To New Energy Month
Designed by Jasmine Calderon for Lonny.

While some like to say October is spooky season, we would like to argue that it's all about energy. Whether or not that means some witchy spirits are at play, this is a great month to harness the vibes within your life. As the temperatures become crisper, we often retreat more into our homes for comfort and self-care. That means it's the perfect time of year to re-evaluate your space and center it with creative and calming spirit that's perfect for you.

That's why we are officially dubbing October New Energy Month at Lonny. From refreshing your decor with items you love to channeling your astrological chart while designing your space, we want to help you bring the best vibes to your home possible. So break out those crystals, light a candle or two, and get ready for all the new energy heading your way.