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How 3 Millennial Women Make Their Bedrooms An Oasis

Bedtime bliss ahead.

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How 3 Millennial Women Make Their Bedrooms An Oasis
Courtesy of Thuma.

When you're a hardworking millennial, there is truly nothing better than coming back to your bedroom at the end of a long day and finally taking some time for yourself. While you might not get that much time to chill, if you make your space into a personal oasis, it's so much easier to relax and recharge. Yet how exactly can you curate this perfect crash pad?

We had three millennial women from the Lonny team give us a look into their tricks to turn a bedroom into a dreamy self-care haven. From decor to foundational items, each of these tips is guaranteed to make your space into the retreat you're looking for. Read ahead to learn how to transform your own bedroom into an oasis.

Angela Tafoya, 32

"One of the things I did to really change the look and feel of my bedroom was integrate really cozy and stylish linens. I actually didn't realize how important that was until very recently — and have grown quite fond of linen iterations. Upgrading your bedding is definitely a bonafide sign of adulting.

I really love natural and white-colored linen sheets because they add a sense of airiness to the bedroom while still allowing my bed to take center stage. I really love the idea of changing them out seasonally to make the space feel updated and like a reflection of my mood. Add a few final touches like chic throw pillows and you've got yourself a cozy oasis. 

Another thing that I love to do to make my room calm is to burn incense. I love the smell and the way it instantly grounds me. I typically leave it out on my dresser and when I get home from work, before dinner, will burn a little bit!"

How 3 Millennial Women Make Their Bedrooms An Oasis
Courtesy of Thuma.

Shelby Wax, 25

"While you can get creative with art, textiles, and decor, you can’t underestimate the importance of finding the perfect bed. You want one that’s stylish, just the right height, well-made, easy to assemble, and budget-friendly. Of course, you also want a headboard. Without one, a bedroom just screams 'post-grad first apartment,' and no one wants that.

If you’re looking for an option that fits the bill, check out The Bed by Thuma. Not only can it adapt to pretty much any style, but it has a low frame that can hide away extra storage, is made from eco-friendly materials, and includes a supportive foam headboard with a linen-weave cover that’s perfect for leaning back while reading or going on a Netflix binge.

Another amazing factor? It ships for free and can assemble (and disassemble) in five minutes without any tools. As someone who has built their fair share of IKEA furniture, this is a godsend. No stress while moving equals a happy millennial."

How 3 Millennial Women Make Their Bedrooms An Oasis
Courtesy of Thuma.

Briana Gagnier, 29

"I’m a firm believer in using plants as a panacea for all room decor woes. Call me crazy, but I really think plants are the overlooked stars of the home. Does your room feel sterile? Add a plant! Is it lacking personality? Add a plant!

Naturally, I’ve applied this same philosophy to decorating my bedroom. Not only do plants serve as natural air filters, but also they add that bit of life that a room full of inanimate furniture can so often lack. For my bedroom, I personally prefer a soft, more unpredictable philodendron-like plant over a prickly, defensive cactus. But the most beautiful part of decorating your bedroom is that it’s your most personal space, so you do you."