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When The Museum Of Ice Cream Meets Rosé

Say hello to the Rosé Mansion.

There's Now A Rosé Version Of The Museum Of Ice Cream You Can Sip At
Courtesy of Minuty.

Ever since the launch of The Museum Of Ice Cream, a number of amazing experience-based pop-ups have launched around the country. From Refinery29's 29Rooms to The Color Factory, these spaces are built for play and getting the perfect Instagram. Well now those who want to rosé all day can get their chance to have a pop-up of their own. The Rosé Mansion is coming to NYC to fill your glass and let you explore two floors filled with all your wine-loving heart can desire.

The journey will take attendees through 14 unique rooms inspired by the drink itself, the scientific process behind creating it, and the regions where it’s most popularly produced. In addition to lots of yummy samples, there will be plenty of Insta opportunities from a giant swinging chandelier to a bar filled with hot pink sand, to a bathtub full of roses, to a blending lab where you’re invited to create your own personal, custom rosé. Plus the entire experience ends at a Grand Tasting Lounge where you can choosing from the largest selection in the U.S.! Um, yes way rosé.

The pop-up will be in Midtown Manhattan from Thursday, July 12 ​through Sunday, October 7​ with tickets on sale now!