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One Viral Messy Room Has Won The Internet

1 viral selfie + 1 messy room = a solid business plan.

On December 23, Alyssa, a Twitter user under the handle @og_pocahontas, posted the above selfie to her page to show off her sparkly sequin dress. Little did she know that a few weeks later, the image would go seriously viral. No, it's not another "the dress" situation. Instead, people were retweeting like crazy pointing out Alyssa's incredibly messy room. While it's normal to have a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes on the floor, this room is covered in tons of food, clothes, and makeup. People got a little creative on photoshop with some hilarious results.

As Alyssa's tweet went viral, she decided to capitalize upon the coverage and reach out to her upset readers for a little tuition help.

Although her post is pretty hilarious, it did link to an actual Go Fund Me page where people could donate to pay Alyssa to clean up her room. Unfortunately the link is now broken, but we are totally into her entrepreneurial spirit.