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Welcome To Back To School Month

Winding down and gearing up.

Welcome To Back To School Month
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

Although we're not entirely sure how August already arrived, we're not that mad about it. Summer is still in full swing, sweater weather lies ahead, it's finally Leo season, and we're ready to get reorganized

While August used to be like one massive Sunday scary, suggesting our pool days were limited as 'Back to School' commercials haunted our television binging sessions, the last month of summer is far less frightening in adulthood. Although we're not literally going back to school, we still view this month as an opportunity to get ready. With plenty of changes ahead, whether starting school, college, moving, changing jobs, changing neighborhoods, or simply changing weather, we're taking this month to slow down and gear up for what's ahead.

Oh, and if you're shipping off to college or heading back to university this month, be sure to tune in. We'll be placing a special emphasis on dorm room decor and college housing. We've all been there, and trust us, we know these spaces are small and hard to work with. We're teaming up with experts and students to talking about the best ways to decorate, maximize small space, and more. 

Keep an eye out for tons of stories around going back to school — or simply getting back into the groove of things. If you have a specific topic you'd like us to dive into around getting organized, let us know!