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The 9 Best Bed Sheets For 2019

Texture, style, skin-friendly fabrics — these nine best-selling sheet sets have everything you're looking for.

We've always been big on texture — in our opinion, the consistency of food is just as important as its taste, and we'll always opt for a cozy sweater over something stylish and constricting. As a result, when we were designing our dream bedroom, it was imperative that we found the best sheet sets we could buy for our bed. Yes, a duvet makes a statement, and a good quality mattress is essential for comfort, but your sheets are in constant contact with your skin. As far as we are concerned, it was the most important purchase.

So what should you look for when buying sheets? Terms like “thread count,” “weave,” and “finish” are constantly tossed around on labels and product descriptions, but which details are actually worth knowing, and which are merely marketing hype? According to the experts at Consumer Reports, a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean that your sheets will be softer and better quality. Instead of how many threads you have in a square inch of fabric, it’s more important to know what those threads are made of and how they’re woven.

When shopping for high-quality luxury sheets, cotton, flax, and bamboo are all great options — so long as they come from quality sources. Avoid sheet sets that use the word “blend” in their fabric descriptions. (Yeah, they’re more affordable, but a “cotton blend” means the company cut production costs by throwing synthetic materials like polyester into the mix.)

Most natural fabrics are skin-friendly and can be woven in a specific way that helps you achieve the feel and level of warmth you’re looking for, so once you’ve pinpointed your preferences, it’s time to shop. These nine luxury sheet sets are made from only the best natural materials, and they all ship straight to your door.

The Best Overall Pick: Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Set

I’ve always been a sleep enthusiast, but this is the first time mere sheets have made me this excited to crawl into bed every night. Brooklinen Luxe is the best overall pick for a multitude of reasons, but basically, this sheet set is extremely high quality, surprisingly affordable, and feels incredible against your skin no matter the season.

It’s made from 100 percent long staple cotton and woven into a sateen finish that only gets softer the more you wash it. When I’m feeling hot, it breathes and effectively wicks moisture away from my body, but when I’m feeling cold, the tight-knit weave has a more substantial weight than standard sheets. Since Brooklinen uses only the highest quality long-staple cotton, it can be spun into stronger yarns, so it’s much more durable and resists holes, fraying, and pilling. It even comes with a 60-night refund policy and a lifetime guarantee should you find a factory defect.

This set (which comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases) is available in four sizes: full, queen, king, and California King. All of your sizing options are well under $200, which is pretty astonishing considering the quality you’re getting.

Brooklinen Luxe Queen Sheet Set, $149, Amazon.

Cozy, Familiar, And Budget-Friendly: Urban Outfitters Jersey Sheet Set

Designed to feel just like your favorite t-shirt, the Urban Outfitters jersey sheet set is easy to care for and even easier to love. Made from 100 percent cotton jersey, it has that cozy, lived-in texture that feels familiar right off the bat. Unlike stiffer luxury sheets, it doesn’t require any break-in period. For that reason, these sheets are well-suited for cozy cottages, welcoming guest rooms, and apartments that could use a homey touch. You can get this set in king, queen, full, or twin XL — which is the standard size for dorm room bedding, so they also make a great gift for a student who’s trying to establish her first home away from home.

This set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases — all of which are machine-washable and dryer-friendly — but the best news? At less than $120 for a queen, it’s easily one of the most affordable luxury sheet sets available. Despite the reasonable price tag, reviewers say “they are super soft” and can “adjust to your body temperature” whether you tend to sleep hot or cold. Moreover, buyers are thrilled with the relaxing color options, which include white, rose, light grey, pastel pink, and dark grey.

Urban Outfitters Queen T-Shirt Jersey Sheet Set, $119, Urban Outfitters.

Ideal For Sensitive Skin: Alterra Pure Organic Cotton Percale Sheets

While it is possible to have a reaction to certain types of fabrics, most sensitivities (like dermatitis, eczema, or general irritations) are caused by the additives or dyes used in the making of the fabrics. If you have sensitive skin, it’s important to know exactly how your sheets are made and where the materials were sourced. Alterra Pure is the obvious choice because the brand is very transparent about its manufacturing process. In other words, it builds its sheets “the way you would if you made them yourself.”

Using only sustainable and fair-trade methods, it creates artisan-scale fabrics that are designed with both simplicity and luxury in mind — and every step of the process is verified to ensure that no toxic chemicals are used. The Alterra Pure sheet set uses 100 percent organic cotton that’s made without irritating chemicals or dyes, and the cotton percale weave has a cool, crisp feel that glides against your skin without causing unnecessary friction. You can get this set in two colors and three sizes.

“Organic sheets are important to us as we want to detox our home as much as we can,” says one reviewer. “We are happy the certification details are front and center for us to confirm.”

Alterra Pure Organic Cotton Queen Sheet Set, $150, Amazon.

Eco-Friendly And Health-Conscious: Loomstead Bamboo Sheet Set

Air purifiers, whitening toothpastes, detox soaps, bacteria-fighting towels — bamboo is everywhere right now, but when it comes to textiles, its popularity is definitely justified.

Bamboo retains less heat than cotton and has a silky, quick-drying texture that keeps you cool at night. Studies have shown that bamboo actually retains some of the antibacterial qualities of the fibers, so if you’re worried about germs and viruses in your bed, a quality set of bamboo sheets could keep those to a minimum. Finally, since bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and requires minimal water and fertilizer, it’s an eco-friendly choice that you can feel good about.

Lower-quality sheet sets that are marketed as “bamboo” typically use man-made rayon instead, but Loomstead uses real bamboo fibers to create a soft, luxurious textile. Needless to say, buyers are in love. “My husband and I can’t stop fondling these silky, cool sheets. We will never buy another brand ever again,” one reviewer writes. By default, this set includes a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, but you can add a flat sheet for a little extra.

Loomstead Queen Bamboo Sheet And Pillowcases, $139, Loomstead.

If You Like Crisp And Clean: Parachute Heathered Percale Sheet Set

Like many other types of sheets, percale is made from cotton, but it’s the type of cotton and the specific weave that gives it its distinctive qualities. Long-staple fibers are tightly woven in and out to give it a matte, crisp feel. It’s one of the most durable types of cotton sheets, and even though it gets softer with every wash, it won’t pill up or fall apart.

Percale sheets are usually likened to a “crisp cotton dress shirt,” but reviewers say Parachute’s Heathered set is so much softer and more comfortable than that. They’re cooling and breathable, but due to their stiff texture, they still have a fresh, clean feel against the skin. The set is available in Dove and Carbon and comes in your choice of four sizes — full, queen, king, and California king. You can also opt for a top sheet, though be aware that the original set doesn’t include one.

Parachute Heathered Percale Queen Sheet Set, $149, Parachute.

Best For Cold Weather: Coyuchi Organic Jersey Minimalist Set

When the weather gets frigid and it’s dark by 4 p.m., it helps to know that you have a warm, cozy bed waiting for you at home. While flannel and fleece sheets are a common choice for winter bedding, they’re often made with synthetic materials like polyester, which repels moisture instead of absorbing it. As a result, when you inevitably sweat under the covers, the moisture stays stuck in the bed and creates that cold, clammy feeling that’s never pleasant in the dead of winter.

Because they’re made from organic cotton (the same kind that’s sustainably harvested and carefully monitored for their organic percale set), Coyuchi Jersey sheets are soft and warm while still breathable. They’re a comforting option for winter but transition easily into late fall and early spring. No cold sweats, either. Instead of a top sheet, this set comes with a thick jersey duvet that you’ll look forward to disappearing under the second you get home.

Coyuchi Organic Jersey Queen Minimalist Set, $248, Coyuchi.

Best For Hot Weather: Morrow Classic Heirloom French Linen Sheet Set

Linen is a classic choice for hot weather (or year-round hot sleepers) because it really does make a difference when it comes to balancing your body temperature. It’s made from flax fibers — which wick away sweat much more effectively than cotton — but it also has a looser, lighter weave that allows for optimal airflow. In addition to its cooling properties, it helps create a next-level space due to its luxurious, high-end appearance.

Morrow Classic Heirloom sheets use genuine flax sourced from France — an ideal environment to grow long, thick fibers which make for sheets that are especially smooth and durable. With this set, you have five color options, four sizes to choose from, and four included pieces: a flat, a fitted, and two corresponding pillow cases. According to InStyle, “If you’re the type of person who values quality over quantity, timelessness over trends, and luxury over fast fashion, then this new bedding brand is right up your alley… And it’s worth noting that there is something quite special and unique about the hues.”

Morrow Classic Heirloom French Linen Queen Sheet Set, $275, Morrow.

Best For Year-Round Use: Parachute Sateen Sheet Set

Yet another type of cotton sheet is sateen, which is the closest you can get to silk while using any other type of material. Like percale, Parachute’s sateen sheet set also utilizes long-staple cotton fibers, but is tightly-woven in a different way that gives the fabric a soft, silky texture. It’s great for year-round use because it’s cooling against your skin, but traps more heat than looser-woven fabrics.

Sourced from Egypt and made in Portugal, this is one of the highest-rated sateen bed sets available. “I can't believe it's not butter!” one reviewer jokes about the luxe, smooth texture, while another raves: “We have slept on lots of sateen sheets, and none compare to the quality of Parachute.” This set comes without a top sheet, though you can easily add one to your cart, and since it’s available in six different sizes and four colors, it's easy to upgrade any bed in your home.

Parachute Sateen Sheet Set, $149, Parachute.

The Freedom To Design: Flaneur Sheet Set in Riomaggiore (Or Any Other Color)

Flaneur sheets go the extra mile: every set is made from 100 percent California-grown and DNA-tested cotton. Everything is woven into 400-thread count sateen, which gives it a silky yet comforting finish that’s suitable for use year-round. For those with skin sensitivities, there are no residual toxic chemicals in any of the brand's bedding products.

But the real selling point? Each sheet set is garment-dyed one piece at a time into, well, any color you’re looking for. On Flaneur’s website, you can browse different looks or even create your own personalized shade by uploading an image or entering a pantone code. If that's not design freedom, I don't know what is. 

This standard set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, but you can add more pillowcases in the same color or design a matching duvet. Everything can be machine-washed in cold water and tumble dried, and each shade you choose comes with stylish color suggestions so you can create a bedroom all your own. If you’re looking for a set that’s truly unique, this is the company for you.

Flaneur Queen Sheet Set in Riomaggiore, $360, Flaneur.

We hope you found sheets that are the perfect style, warmth, and texture! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.