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All Creative Entrepreneurs Have To Download This Podcast

Textile designer Savannah Hayes has the show we need.

All Creative Entrepreneurs Have To Download This Podcast
Courtesy of Savannah Hayes.

There's no denying that we are in the age of the podcast. It practically seems like everyone is starting up a new show or has a constant rotation for their commutes. Well we just found one that needs to be on your playlist. Created by textile designer Savannah HayesGamechangers hosts amazing female entrepreneurs in creative fields to pick their brains about how they created their own businesses and advice how we can enhance our own. From team management to social media hacks, the show gets into the details of how some amazing women have launched their careers.

Since starting a cool new podcast is no easy feat, we asked Hayes to give us an interview of her inspiring new venture. Read ahead to see why you need to be following this informative new show.

What inspired you to start your podcast?

Savannah Hayes: I had been searching for a podcast like Gamechangers and when I continued to come up empty handed, I thought, “Why not start it myself?” I wanted to hear from other women in creative businesses — to get a case study of their brands and see how they've grown into the successful companies they are today.

It's a show for women in all phases of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether they've been in business for five years or are still working that nine to five, the stories we share here are inspiring, informative, and educational. I also wanted to not just create a resource, but a community for other women in business to feel connected.

As a textile designer yourself, why is chatting with other creatives about their career journeys important?
SH: I personally come away from every episode with actionable advice for my own business — whether it's a great book on branding, a website, or app to create systems within the company, advice on marketing strategy or negotiation, or even just a healthy dose of motivation and creative inspiration from hearing someone else's story. As a textile designer myself, I'm able to target the questions and lead the discussions in a really meaningful way, getting to the heart of what other entrepreneurs are most interested in hearing about.

Do you have a set format for each episode?
SH: Each episode starts with the same rough template, and each episode inevitably goes off in its own direction. We'll usually start with a bit of background and their company's origin story before moving into ways they've grown their business over the years and how they're running it today. Each episode ends with a "Final Five" section where we get into actionable tips on best software/tech hacks, favorite books/articles, other business owners they admire, specific advice for blossoming entrepreneurs, and any daily routines they may practice.

What have been some of your favorite episodes so far?
SH: One of my favorite episodes so far is with Joy Cho of Oh Joy! She's done so many incredible things over the past 14 years and taken her brand in so many creative directions. One thing she stressed was that 95% of the opportunities afforded to her and to her brand have come into existence because she herself has gone out and made them happen. She has pitched herself, marketed her own brand, positioned herself in front of the right audience or consumer or brand to collaborate with. It's easy to look at a successful brand and just assume great things are happening to them, but it's a great reminder that you are your company's most powerful champion and it's up to you to sell it.

Another favorite episode is with Claire Mazur of Of a Kind. She speaks to the importance of the narrative and storytelling when selling a product. More and more, allowing your costumer or audience to get to know you, your service or your product behind the scenes is proving to be one of the most powerful marketing tools at our fingertips.

How do you hope Gamechangers will make an impact on your listeners?
SH: I hope our listeners leave each episode feeling energized, recharged, inspired, newly informed, and educated. Our show pulls back the curtain and allows you to see that everyone started in the same place, while sharing the exact steps they've taken to grow to where they are today. If we can be just a bit of help to other women going off on their own, that's all that matters.