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7 Things We Learned At NYC Design Week

We came, we saw, we had an eyeball party, and we were left wanting more.

Photographed by Bridget Badore.

Last week, the Lonny team bid the West Coast adieu (for a few days) to head to New York Design Week, an annual celebration of designers, creators, artists, interiors, shows, and exhibits. It's an exiting yet exhausting time that makes you want to buy more hours in the day and retreat to your hotel room, all at once.

Between Sight Unseen's annual Offsite, ICFF, Raquel's Dream House, Wanted Design Fair, and a few more sightly displays, Design Week was, in short, a week-long marathon of inspiring sensory overload. And at the end of it all, we arrived back in San Francisco with a handful of not-so-obvious and noteworthy takeaways. Let's begin. 

1. There is room for everyone, and then some.

When it comes to the design realm, we are always wanting to see more. We were so impressed by the wide-range of presentations (and how GOOD so many of them are). At Raquel's Dream House, we were blown away by Raquel's determination to bring her favorite artists and creators together under one roof. Simply put, she made it happen. At ICFF, we loved finding pieces that were innovative (like Galanter and Jones' warming chairs, yes please) and different (like Aesthetic Pursuit's Court Collection). In a massive creative gathering like this, there is always room for more creativity. The limit does not exist. 

Everything We Learned At NYC Design Week
Courtesy of Raquel's Dream House.

2. Aesthetic Pursuit's Court Collection is everything.

SPEAKING of said design masterminds, the creators at Aesthetic Pursuit are not kidding about their pursuit. Our jaws gaped at their ICFF booth, and the sport-inspired line even made us feel passionate about the aesthetic of the upcoming basketball finals. 

Everything We Learned At NYC Design Week
Courtesy of Aesthetic Pursuit.

3. Sight Unseen really does bring forth the unseen, and we love it.

 The talented folks behind Sight Unseen managed to bring together a collection of designers, both established and rising, all together at their annual OFFSITE exhibit. This is where we died and went to heaven and then came back again, only to lay our eyes on pieces like Yield's Aurora Coffee Table and Ries' Aro Chair. Check out more of their Design Week picks here

7 Things We Learned At NYC Design Week
Courtesy of Sight Unseen.

4. We definitely had past lives in Denmark. 

Perhaps the most invigorating, thought-provoking pieces were of Danish design. We already knew we loved it. Hygge and lagom stole our hearts long ago. But, when we stepped inside Sofie Egelund's Tribeca home (she's the third-generation owner of Copenhagen-based Vipp designs) we knew we had a connection to Danish minimalist designs and practical approach to living because it just felt right. And now, Denmark is  beckoning our return. 

Everything We Learned At NYC Design Week
Courtesy of Vipp.

5. Alex Proba is doing really cool things.

The German multidisciplinary art director and designer painted a ping-pong table for Raquel's Dream House in Soho. Her designs and illustrations (and RUGS!) are absolutely incredible, and we want all of them. With that being said, we're also loving the fun rugs of CC Tapis, and think art deco-inspired carpets are going to continue rising, big time.  

Everything We Learned At NYC Design Week
Courtesy of Megan O'Sullivan.

6. We're really into Juju Papers right now.

Well, we're really into all things wallpaper. Especially if designed by cool artisans who decide to turn their designs into TILE. At ICFF, we stumbled upon Juju Papers' new tile line. Founder Avery Thatcher expanded her paper line into tiles this year, and our eyeballs can't get enough of the colorful goodness. 

Everything We Learned At NYC Design Week
Courtesy of Juju Papers.

7. We can't wait to host more design-minded events and meet more of you!!!

Hosting Lonny Living Room with Tictail was, hands-down, the highlight of our week. Bringing together artists, readers, friends, coworkers, and family under one roof was incredible experience, and we want more of that in the future. We especially loved speaking about art, expression, and social justice with muralist and illustrator Celia Jacobs. You can still check out her mural at Tictail Market now. OH, and if you have any suggestions regarding how you'd like to engage with Lonny IRL, don't hesitate to let us know.  

Check out a few more items we were (and still are) geeking out over here: