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Welcome To Lonny's Month of Motherhood

Because everyone is mothering something.

Welcome To Lonny's Month of Motherhood
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

May is a time of seasonal turning and undeniable joy — be that the freedom of summer or excitement from finally shedding a layer of clothing. If we had to pinpoint a few key sentiments and happenings associated with this month, they include school's ending, warmer weather's arrival, and Mother's Day. Budding tulips and parting clouds (literally and metaphorically) reflect May's newness, and with that newness comes a celebration of motherhood — Lonny's theme of the month. 

We plan to shed light on mothers everywhere — from all backgrounds and perspectives — to celebrate the ups, downs, joys, and challenges of raising little ones. We'll discuss the balancing act that comes along with motherhood, from juggling personal passions to finding a flow that works (because there is no single right way for everyone). With these stories, we hope to uncover poignant narratives and relatable truths behind being a mom.  

Of course, motherhood can be defined in countless ways. While some are caring after children, others are parenting their pets, plants, friends, or even feelings. Motherhood can mean many things, but if it could be distilled into just one, it's becoming a guiding light of empathy, strength, courage, and wisdom, while also accepting imperfection. Being a mom means balancing vulnerability with confidence and seriousness with light-heartedness. It's caring for a child, career, or loved one with the intent of eventually letting them take on the world with a strong set of values, beliefs, and aspirations.

As we explore motherhood, we'll also take on the theme of mothering one's self, apartment, home, or space. Because, the truth is, most of us are caring for something. We'll interview individuals, discuss personal experiences, and weigh in on what it means to be a mom. Stay tuned, and if you have any specific ideas you'd like us to explore within motherhood, don't hesitate to drop us a comment below.