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Room Envy: Grange Hall's New Restaurant

Room Envy: Grange Hall's New Restaurant | Lonny.com
(Photos courtesy of Grange Hall)
By most accounts, Texas is the place where style goes to die, but one look at Grange Hall in Dallas and you'll wonder how that notion got started. The beloved shop and floral service has a moody cabinet of curiosities feel and is stocked with one-of-a-kind home décor items, jewelry, and accessories that are each more covetable than the one before it. Now the city is buzzing thanks to the store's increased footprint—it recently expanded into the former day spa next door—and brand new restaurant, an equally photo-worthy space that's sure to become the hottest reservation in town.

Here, owners Rajan Patel and Jeffrey Lee have maintained the jewel box aesthetic they've become known for, albeit with a slightly more industrial vibe. Still, there's a whimsical note throughout: glass-and-steel architectural details are balanced with luxe upholstery and unexpectedly lush fabric choices; shelves hung with thick metal chains are adorned with romantic creations from the flower workshop at the back of Grange Hall. Even the china—a custom Nymphenburg pattern based on the Cumberland collection—inspires envy. Suddenly Texas is looking a whole lot chicer.

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