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Welcome To Live Boldly Month

June is all about big and bold design.

Welcome To Live Boldly Month
Designed by Jasmine Calderon for Lonny.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, bold is an adjective that means "showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous." While playing it safe has its merits, we are all about embracing a bold attitude in a variety of ways. In the home, you can make a statement with a vibrant hue, unique piece, or a curation that's all your own. In your career, you can innovate, start a business, or harness your creativity. In your life, you can express yourself and advocate for others.

This June, we hope to share stories with you that capture living boldly in all its forms. From highlighting eclectic, maximalist spaces, to showcasing designers that are rethinking the way we see furniture, we want these stories to inspire you to let loose and get funky with styling your own home.

Since June is also Pride Month, we couldn't ignore all the very bold LGBTQ+ innovators within the world of design. So keep your eyes peeled for something exciting heading to our homepage in the coming weeks!