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The Five Best Podcasts to Clean to

Here are five favorites to take you from dishes and vacuuming to collapsing on the couch.

The Five Best Podcasts to Clean to
Patrick Cline/Lonny

Entertaining friends and family can be one of the most rewarding things about this time of year, but the aftermath is often a bit less enjoyable. Listening to music, an audio book, or a podcast—as Mrs. Doubtfire taught us—can make your cleaning a little less tortuous. Here are five favorites to take you from dishes and vacuuming to collapsing on the couch.

1. Serial 

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is buzzing about this podcast from National Public Radio. The creators of the ever-popular This American Life show have captivated audiences in a sequential drama about a man who was arrested in 1999 for the death of a young girl—but is he innocent? Prepare for a new addiction. 

2. Ted Talks

Insightful, funny, and positively challenging—listening to these short talks given by inspiring professionals from all over the world is a great way to get motivated for a new year, or just to conquer the dish pile in your sink. Particularly appropriate is Joe Smith's instruction on how to properly use a paper towel (you'll be surprised!). Tavi Gevinson's now-classic talk about how to embrace your inner weirdness and feel cool while doing it may even get your daughter to help out.

3. Upright Citizens Brigade 

New York City and L.A. residents have the opportunity to see this hilarious comedy group live, but for everyone in between, here's a place to find incredible humor that'll make your to-do list fly by. Catch UCB Digital interviewing various people in the comedy biz (my favorite is the writers of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update), and improv4humans, where host Matt Besser and different guests perform improv using tweets sent to the show. 

4. Never Not Working

Until its closure in May 2014, East Village Radio broadcast Oskar Mann and Old Chris's fabulous monthly show of funk, hip hop, Motown and soul out of their notorious storefront. Rumor has it that the beloved station will make a comeback in early 2015, but in the mean time, you can find past episodes on archive.org

5. Radio Cherry Bombe

Broadcast right from the dining room of beloved Brooklyn pizza spot Roberta's, girl power–heavy Cherry Bombe radio is intended as a complement to the boundary-pushing food zine of the same name. Host Julia Turshen interviews chefs, farmers, photographers, cookbook editors, and more. Warning: this one might inspire you to get your kitchen dirty again.