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Welcome To Style Month

Fashionable finds ahead.

Welcome To Style Month
Designed by Jasmine Calderon for Lonny; Courtesy of Moda Operandi.

In case you missed it, fashion month has officially begun. In New York, London, Paris, and Milan, designers will be showing off their Spring 2020 lines and our feeds are going to be filled up with tons of style inspiration from both new collections and cool attendees. This time of year, we are constantly in awe of the creativity and beautiful aesthetics that the fashion set show off. So in honor of this annual tradition, we had to officially make September Style Month at Lonny.

Get ready as we plan to dive into style in all shapes and forms. From how creatives define their personal aesthetic to ways the fashion set keep their closets in check, we hope these stories will get you feeling inspired to express yourself. Whether you want to curate the perfect home or the perfect closet, we'll be tapping some serious stylers to give teach you their ways. Be sure to follow all the fashionable pieces to come.