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Meet The Human IKEA Catalog

One woman memorized it all.

Meet The Human IKEA Catalog
Courtesy of IKEA.

Curious what bed is on page 141 of the newest IKEA catalog? Just ask Yanjaa Wintersoul, the brand's "human catalog." The two-time world memory champion has memorized all 400 items in the 328-page book. Now let that sink in a sec. Like a real-life Siri, just ask Wintersoul about a product and the 23-year-old has it on lock.

The memory champ explained her methodology in an interview with AdWeek. When asked how she remembers the Bekant conference table on Page 59, she replied, “Bekant means acquaintance in Swedish, so I think of an acquaintance of mine laying there on the table. For someone who is a native English speaker, it’s maybe better to think of the German author Kant and how you want to be like Kant and work for long hours on that table.” Ok, now imagine making 400 versions of these association tricks.

Want to see Wintersoul in action? Check out the video below where the Singapore star shows off her amazing memory.