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IKEA And LEGO Are FINALLY Collaborating

The Scandinavian brands plan to create something spirited and fun.

IKEA And LEGO Are Bringing Spirited Fun To Design
Courtesy of Ikea; Designed by Briana Gagnier.

What two brands have four letters, prefer to use all caps, and require mad building skills? The classic, household names, IKEA and LEGO

If you've ever been tasked with building a set of IKEA shelves, then you know this challenge can take focus and stamina. In fact, it's the type of focus we once had (way, way back) when taking on the challenge of building a LEGO castle. Thus, it only makes sense that these two brands came together for a collaboration. This week, at Democratic Design Day in Almhult, Sweden, IKEA announced it is teaming up with Lego (also a Scandinavian brand) to create products that focus on creativity and play. 

The new collection was announced by three key players: Marcus Engman, head of design at IKEA, Lena Dixon, senior vice president of product development for LEGO, and Fredrika Inger, business area manager for Children's IKEA. The three design leaders expanded upon the importance of play, and how as adults, we often for get what true play feels like. To be mindful and fully immersed in the moment. The collection will be tailored to both children and adults, and made to cultivate a sense of imagination and spirit. 

This isn't the only exciting announcement that came from IKEA this week, and we're hoping there's only more good news to come. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the official launch date of the new IKEA x LEGO collaboration. For now, we're just dreaming up what it will look like...