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Women's Club The Wing Announces 3 New Locations

Looks like the future is female.

Women's Club The Wing Announces 3 New Locations
via Pinterest/Quartz.

Tired of having FOMO from looking at The Wing's Instagram? Well looks like you might be able to finally join the club. The work and community space for women just announced that it will be expanding with three new locations in Washington D.C., Soho, and DUMBO, Brooklyn. Started by Audrey Gelman, The Wing is an amazingly designed member-only space for women to get work done, shower, do makeup, collaborate, and form a community to take on the world.

The original location in NYC's Flatiron district is a total hotspot for all the incredible women you would totally want to hang out with. Unfortunately, 3,000 ladies are still on the waitlist. The two locations in DUMBO and Soho will help with the demand in NYC, while the Washington D.C. location is perfect for the amazing ladies making a change in politics.

Women's Club The Wing Announces 3 New Locations
via Pinterest/Domino.

“We quickly realized we did not have enough square footage to keep up with the interest and enthusiasm around The Wing,” said Gelman to The Cut. “So we got to work really quickly to expand our physical footprint in terms of new locations in new cities. We’ll also be offering new membership tiers that will allow more women to access The Wing and be a part of it." With all this exciting expansion, we can't wait for the movement to spread its Wings across the country and take on both coasts.