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Welcome To Minimalism Month

Let's pare down and get organized.

Welcome To Minimalism Month
Designed by Briana Gagnier for Lonny.

Minimalism has been one of the biggest interior design trends of the last few years — and there's no surprise why. After the recession hit, many millennials in big cities began moving into smaller apartments and had to navigate decorating with less space. While hacks can help, embracing a clutter-free lifestyle became the easiest way to create a crisp, stylish home. Yet after years of paring down, trends are beginning to flip and maximalism is on the rise.

But minimalism isn't going anywhere just yet! While we might not lean towards bare, neutral spaces as often, the philosophy of learning to live with less and creating a stress-free environment is still an important one to hold. That's why we are making Minimalism our theme for this March. In addition to tips on how to embrace the aesthetic in your home, we are also going to take a look at how the trend has changed for 2019 and show how color, texture, and bold accents all can come into play when creating a simple space.

As March also brings about the return of spring, it also means it's time to start cleaning up our spaces for the new season. We'll give you tips on how to channel your inner Marie Kondo and organize your home like a pro. So keep tabs on our stories this month and get ready to go minimalist.