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Day 7: For Stylish Pets

Your furry friend deserves a gift too.

Day 7: For Stylish Pets
Courtesy of Wild One.

While you may be checking every human off your holiday shopping list, you definitely shouldn't forget about your favorite furry friend. That good boy is always there for you when you come home at the end of the day and, to be honest, is probably like a child to you. If you're getting a gift for every family member, you can't forget about one that lives in your own home.

This cute food and water bowl from Wild One is sure to get your pet's tail wagging. Not only will it look great in your home, but it has a silicone base for reduced slippage, are BPA-free, and can go in your dishwasher. Add in its low price tag and this is one gift your whole household will be happy about.

Wild One Bowl, $25, Wild One.