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'80s Glamour Revived: New Book and Exhibit Celebrate Downtown NYC Nightclub AREA

AREA exhibition | Lonny.com
Warhol. Basquiat. Schnabel. Hockney. Stars of the 1980s New York art world, these one-name wonders were also denizens of the decade's most celebrated nightclub, AREA—a party palace that underscored the relationship between hedonism and high art. This week, a new book called AREA (Abrams), by Jennifer Goode and Eric Goode, brings those heady days back into mainstream culture with thousands of photographs and a comprehensive history of the nightclub. (Every six weeks, the club was gutted and completely transformed to evoke themes as divergent as "Suburbia," and "Gnarly.")

Accompanying the book: a weeklong exhibit, co-curated by Jeffrey Deitch, that opens today at Manhattan's The Hole gallery. Showcasing works created exclusively for the club by Sol LeWitt, Jenny Holzer, Francesco Clemente, and Chuck Close, among others, AREA: 1983–1987 runs daily from 12 to 7 until November 10th. “We didn’t want to just recreate what happened 30 years ago," says club cofounder Eric Goode. "We want people to have a sense of what AREA would be like today.” We're so there.
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