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Signs of Saturday: Weekend Moodboard Project

Make a moodboard | Lonny.com
Here's an idea: Take a few hours on Sunday afternoon and create a moodboard to inspire you for the week ahead. Play the new HAIM album, burn a Feu de Bois candle, and step away from your Pinterest account. You'll put your creative energy to good use and end up with a uniquely meaningful collage that's perfect in lieu of art behind your desk. If you're feeling particularly inspired (maybe you've pinned the below image to your "Decorating Ideas" board?), make the board itself a work of art by covering it in your favorite fabric or wrapping paper. We're sure you'll love the results—and so will we! Share them with us via Twitter or Instagram @LonnyMag and we'll highlight our favorites next week on the blog.

Make a moodboard | Lonny.com
(Photos © Patrick Cline / Lonny)
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