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The Best Faucet Style for a Small Bathroom Actually Creates Counter Space

A wall-mounted fitting is the solution your tiny bath has been waiting for.

The Best Faucet Style for a Small Bathroom Actually Creates Counter Space

The challenges of living with a tiny bathroom are plentiful, and the space-making solutions at hand are, well, not always the chicest. (Over-toilet caddies and countertop organizers? Thank you, no.) Luckily there's one design choice that every small-space remodeler would be foolish not to consider: the wall-mounted sink faucet. The silhouettes are sleek, the styles, plentiful, and the inches of countertop real estate created, precious. 

The stylish floating fixtures have been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately as well, with gorgeous three-piece sets appearing in a range of styles from completely traditional bridge and gooseneck designs to more minimal setups that disappear in the best way. One of our personal favorites, at left, comes from hardware wonderland Rejuvenation. A pretty golden finish plays off the nautical leanings of the wheel-shaped valves. Another suddenly-everywhere shape is the slim cross handle, a 3D iteration of the Swiss cross trend, that's a got a Euro-chic vibe without stepping anywhere near cheesy hotel territory. Kohler's Purist collection is a new classic in chrome. Regardless of style, and rest assured there are a million, lifting your spigot off the counter frees up space for more beautifully displaying your vanity essentials or simply letting your sink breath. You can almost feel those spa vibes now.