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Stylish Sofa Beds You’ll Actually Want In Your Home

These stylish sofa beds transform in just seconds, so they're perfect for naps, lounging, and accommodating your overnight guests.

In our opinion, no dream home is complete without practicality. Sure, it may have the trendiest furniture and the sleekest design features — but what good is it if you can't actually live in it? Your ideal home should satisfy your aesthetic sweet tooth, but it should also be comfortable, homey, and suitable for your needs. That's where the best sofa beds come in. If you opt for one of these innovative couches, you're getting a chic sofa and a cozy sleeping space all in one. A place to read, watch TV, nap, and accommodate your overnight guests? It doesn't get much more practical than that — especially for those households without a designated guest room

A sofa bed (also known as a convertible sofa) transforms into a bed by adjusting or rearranging its already-visible parts. It's not the same thing as a sleeper sofa, which has an actual mattress hidden inside of it; instead, most sofa beds recline or fold down flat — a lot like a futon does. That said, while futons are usually more affordable, they're not as stylish or as durable as sofa beds, which can typically pass for real, space-savvy couches while they're in their upright positions. Your guests will never see it coming — and in this case, that's a good thing. 

These days, everybody's looking for versatile furniture pieces, so sofa beds are dime a dozen on most online retailer sites. Still, not all of them are created equal, so when shopping for your ideal convertible sofa, check the measurements, materials, and buyer reviews before you purchase. (A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to comfort, you want to hear from someone who's actually sat on it.) 

To make the shopping process a little easier, we've rounded up 16 of the most stylish sofa beds that you'll actually want in your home. Whether you're searching for comfort, a great deal, or a little extra storage space, these picks have it all. 

Best Overall Pick: Novogratz Regal Convertible Sofa

The Regal convertible sofa is our number-one pick for so many reasons. First and foremost, its versatility. The high arms, low mid-century modern profile, and wooden legs give it the appearance of a standard couch, but this one actually has two individual back rest panels that can recline or lay flat for multiple positioning options on either side. Next, there's the pebble gray or navy blue color options, which effortlessly blend with all shades of paint colors as well as decorative styles.

The $315 price tag is also a definite plus.  Most options in this category are priced somewhere around $500, so it's surprising to find such a stylish pick at this price point — especially given the extremely high ratings.

Which brings us to our final factor: the reviews. There are hundreds of them, and buyers have given this one an incredible 4.5 stars. "This sofa is just what we needed for our vacation home," one reviewer writes. "It will serve as a bed for extra guests, but is not so big that it takes over the living area. Love that the back tilts back for watching television in comfort. It is sturdy, was easy to assemble, and the fabric is very nice."

Novogratz Regal Convertible Sofa, $399.99, Wayfair

If Comfort Is Your Top Priority: Winslow Armless Sofa

Thanks to its overstuffed foam padding and homey tufted design, reviewers call the Winslow armless sofa "amazingly comfortable and absolutely adorable." The cushions are set on a durable wooden frame, and everything is held up with minimalist cylindrical legs. Its armless design allows for unrestricted lounging while reading or watching TV, but as soon as it's time to accommodate an overnight guest, this one folds flat to create a 74 by 48 inch bed — that's nearly as big as a full-size mattress. Again, thanks to its lack of arm rests, stretching and rolling is unrestricted while lying down, too. 

You can get this option in grey or muted pink, and both have a linen-like textile that's clean and modern. Buyers also say that even though it's surprisingly well-made, it's easy to assemble and move from room to room. It also isn't as clunky as a traditional sleeper sofa, so if you're furnishing a small space, that's a definite pro. 

Winslow Armless Sofa, $598, Urban Outfitters

The Best Value: Ebern Designs Moorhouse Convertible Sofa

If you're looking for sleek, minimal, and refined, but you're also on a budget, it doesn't get much better than the Moorhouse convertible sofa. This pick has tubular metal legs, a metal frame, and tight-fitting faux leather upholstery that's stylishly modern, but also provides seating and sleeping options for a small space. (You can also get it in grey linen for a warmer look.) 

That being said, the price tag reads $142, which means you're spending less than 50 percent of what you'd spend for comparable pieces. Thanks to its armless and convertible design, this one has the feel of a high-end futon, so it's great for small home offices, first apartments, or college students looking to ace their dorm rooms.

Ebern Designs Moorhouse Convertible Sofa, $289.99, Wayfair

A Pop Of Color: Novogratz Brittany Convertible Sofa

Most of your options come in neutral, muted colors — and that's a great thing if you want your sleeper sofa to blend in. If you're looking for a statement piece, however, the Novogratz Brittany sofa is the pick for you.

With its  24 inch seat and ribbed, convex back that folds down flat, it's longer and more supportive than most other convertible sofas... but the real selling point is the extensive (and unique) color options. This one comes in your choice of navy blue, mustard yellow, dark gray, forest green, turquoise blue, light gray, and blush pink.

"If you’re looking for something simple [with] a pop of color to add to a room, I would definitely recommend this couch!" raves one of over 2,400 reviewers. 

Novogratz Brittany Convertible Sofa, $359.99, Wayfair

If You’re Short On Room: Corrigan Studio Convertible Chair Bed

You don't have to opt for a full-sized sofa in order to score an extra sleeping spot for guests. If you're especially low on room, the Corrigan Studio convertible chair transforms into a bed that's slightly smaller than the average twin-size mattress, but definitely big enough to comfortably sleep one person. 

When folded up, however, this piece looks like a standard — albeit fashionable — mid-century modern chair. The tapered legs are sleek and clean, while the premium fabric upholstery is available in six different colors, from neutral to eye-catching. 

"I was trying to figure out how to fit a sleeper sofa in my small den," one reviewer said. "Then, I found the Convertible Chair Beds on Wayfair! I bought two of them. They're absolutely perfect. Their sleek modern design, classic color and fabric, comfort and ease in opening them up into a bed work ideally for me!"

Corrigan Studio Convertible Chair Bed, $499.99, Wayfair

Sleek, Clean, & Colorful: Lubi Sleeper Daybed

For more transient spaces, like entryways, converted offices, and multipurpose playrooms, the Lubi daybed offers seating and sleeping options without overwhelming the space. Its lounge-like style can be pushed flush against the wall or angled out into the middle of the room — but when it's bedtime, this stacked twin transforms into an oversized queen to fit up to two people. 

In terms of construction, this one has a kiln-dried hardwood frame with high-elastic foam cushioning. It comes with a headrest pillow, and you can remove the top cover for dry-cleaning. Over 100 reviewers have given it a 4.5-star rating due to its versatility, style, and comfortability. Get it in three colors: blue, beige, or gray. 

Lubi Sleeper Daybed, $899, CB2

Made To Order: Andes Full Futon

Since sofa beds are more affordable than your average couch, the customization options are typically lacking. Not so with the Andes full futon, which is available in a huge selection of different colors as well as different fabrics. A pink velvet upholstery looks playful and vintage, while the stone-colored twill is sophisticated and elegant, and there are countless other options in between.

Whichever combination you choose, visitors will never guess that this sofa folds down to double the sleeping space — largely due to the cast-metal legs, set-back arms, and overall high-quality appearance. It's made with solid FSC-certified eucalyptus wood, and unlike other options, the foam cushions also feature high-gauge sinuous springs for added support. 

Andes Full Futon, $1,499, West Elm

A Gorgeous Mix Of Modern & Traditional: Orren Ellis Convertible Sofa

The vast majority of convertible sofas look like glorified futons, but it is possible to find one that looks (and feels) like a legitimate couch. The Redington sofa achieves exactly that by combining modern features with traditional elements. Plush tufting and cushioned arms meet a low, mid-century modern profile to give you a piece that reviewers call "beautiful and so comfortable." 

In addition to its easy-to-match gray upholstery, this pick also features a metal adjustable frame and finger-guard protection while it's converting. The arms are even removable, according to reviewers, so you can opt for more freedom of movement in either position — or a more modern look all around. 

Orren Ellis Convertible Sofa, $233.99, Wayfair

Storage Meets Versatility: Ralph Sleeper Sofa

Convertible sofas are an awesome way to get the most functionality out of your home, but the Ralph sofa brings genius space-hacks to the next level. This pick comes in two pieces for a versatile, four-in-one design that works wonders for city living, small cabins, and those in need of extra storage

The back rest folds flat and the second piece provides more than a foot of extra room at the end of the impromptu bed — but said piece can also be used to create a movable ottoman and a chaise lounge. Last but definitely not least, it opens to reveal a compartment for hidden storage. Now that's versatility at its best. 

Ebern Designs Ralph Sofa, $869.99, Wayfair

If You’re Looking For Boho Or Rustic: Brenna Convertible Sofa

Tired of textile fabrics and monochrome colors? Warm up your boho home or your rustic getaway cabin with this Brenna convertible sofa. Instead of gray linens or white faux-leather, this one features a camel brown upholstery and matching rubber-wood legs. When folded down, it measures 72 by 43 inches — sleek and space-savvy, but more than enough room to accommodate your visitors. 

Brenna Convertible Sofa, $479, Urban Outfitters

For An Elegant, Vintage Look: Dorel Home Novogratz Vintage Sofa Bed

Due to the fact that they transform into temporary mattresses, most sofa beds have boxy shapes and clean corners — but what if you're not a fan of that acutely modern aesthetic? Cue the Dorel Home Novogratz sofa sleeper II, which, thanks to its curved arms and fully tufted design, has an elegant, vintage look that's not too common within this category. The detailed legs and velour fabric make this pick well-suited for a sophisticated study or a formal living room, but it reclines and lays flat for more casual lounging. 

Currently, this sofa bed has almost 200 reviews, and is therefore one of the top-selling options on Hayneedle. "It's sturdy and comfortable if you like a firm couch," one buyer wrote. "I am in love with it and so [is] everyone who comes over. It's a show stealer. For the price it's a steal too."

Dorel Home Novogratz Vintage Sofa Bed, $519.99, Wayfair

Halfway Between A Sleeper & A Sofa Bed: Multy Premier

This one straddles the line between a sofa bed and a pull-out couch. On one hand, the mattress isn't hidden, so it qualifies for this category, but on the other hand, the continuous cushioning closely resembles that of a real bed. In other words, if you're looking for optimal comfort, this is the sofa for you. Fold the back down, elongate the base, and flip the mattress over — you instantly have a two-person bed in the middle of your living room. The lumbar cushions even double as traditional pillows. 

Sustainably made in France, the Multy Premier is available in several colors, and all of them are constructed from breathable, resilient cotton. 

Multy Premier, 3,875, Ligne Roset

Ideal For A Creative Space Or Hangout Room: Zipline Convertible Sofa Bed and Ottomans

The majority of convertible sofas hinge in the center and fold flat, but every once in a while, you come across a design that utilizes space and accompanying pieces in an entirely different way. The Zipline sofa bed might just be one of the most innovative designs available right now; in fact, it's on our list for the best couches to buy in 2019

Instead of a hinging backrest, this sofa has three included ottomans. Of course, they can be used to prop your feet up while you're watching a movie, but they can also be stacked to create side-tables or stored in between the arm rests when the couch isn't in use. When you need a bed, the sofa unfolds in the middle and lays out flat, and the ottomans become the structural interior for the California King-sized bed. Everything is filled with high-density foam, and all the covers are removable and machine-washable to keep things sanitary and stain-free. 

Thanks to its laid-back design and optimal versatility, this pick is well-suited for a creative space (think a Google-inspired home office) or a modern media room for your teenagers

Zipline Convertible Sofa Bed and Ottomans, $910, Houzz

Clean Lines & Simple Colors: Spirit Lake Convertible Loveseat

Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to go when it comes to redecorating. Thanks to its clean, boxy angles and white faux-leather upholstery, this Spirit Lake loveseat goes with any style, color pallet, or room function. In fact, reviewers have placed it in their living rooms, home offices, guest areas, finished basements, nurseries, and bedrooms — and judging by the overall 4.3-star rating, it complimented all the aforementioned spaces quite nicely. 

This piece is firm but gently-tufted and can recline as well as flatten to create a bed. It's also available in black. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Wade Logan Spirit Lake Convertible Loveseat, $489.99, Wayfair

For The Minimalist: Flipside Sleeper Sofa

For the most part, you can look at a sleeper sofa and know exactly what it is — but every once in a while, you come across one that's too subtle to pass up. The Flipside sofa has sleek lines, a low base, and a deep-seat design, so you'd never suspect that it turns into a bed... But grab the hidden fabric handles and with one quick flip, you've got a queen-sized mattress that lays out flat across the floor. For that reason, it's technically a convertible couch, but reviewers have given it a 4.6-star rating for a reason: "The whole [thing makes for] such a comfortable sleep." 

In fact, all the cushions — including the four movable back ones — are stuffed with an eco-friendly synthetic down material. The frame is made with kiln-dried hardwood that's been responsibly harvested, and the block feet are actually constructed from solid wood, which isn't too common nowadays. (Most online sofas use plastic, which can start to crack over time.)

Finally, the sofa comes with a removable and washable cotton top sheet that securely fits the bed, so you're ready for your first guest as soon as it's delivered. You can get this design in velvet, which is a charcoal black color, or in three linen-like materials: Parliament Stone, Leaside Driftwood, and Chelsea Pacific. 

Gus Modern Flipside Sleeper Sofa, $1,866, Wayfair

Worth The Splurge: Tuck Sleeper Sofa

Created by Berlin-based designers Thomas Müller and Jörg Wulff, the Tuck sleeper sofa is so much more than your average futon. For one, unlike most other sofa beds, this one doesn't fold down; instead, the base cushions slide out and the back cushions slip into the space behind them. This creates a larger, more supportive sleeping area, and you won't be able to feel any hinges underneath you — because there are none.

For another, it's made with top-of-the-line materials, like steel, FSC-certified wood, high-resilience foam, and cotton upholstery. The extra-thick cushions make a significant difference in comfort, whether you're sitting up or lying down, and the six color options and two fabric choices give you plenty of ways to customize your space. 

"Wonderful! We have had this sofa for almost two years now and we love it," one reviewer raved. "This couch can fit up to five people sitting on it (though usually, we don't have more than 3-4). We love how easy it is to pull out the couch and push down the cushions to convert it into a double bed or a chaise lounge. To date, we've had several guests sleep on it and they've each told us it was a great night's sleep. Look no further for an excellent, modern sofa that is able to serve multiple functions."

Tuck Sleeper Sofa, $3,695, Design Within Reach

We hope you found a convertible sofa bed that'll compliment your space and keep everyone comfortable! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.