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The 16 Best Recliner Sofas For 2021

You no longer have to compromise between style and comfort. These 16 recliner sofas have it all.

For way too long, the conversation surrounding recliner sofas has been a difficult debate that always ends in compromise: comfort or style? Fortunately, we believe that you can have both simultaneously. The best recliner sofas for 2021 have it all, so you don't have to load a bulky, outdated couch into your living room just to binge-watch Netflix without getting a crick in your neck. 

First thing's first: Narrow down which kind you're looking for — and not just in terms of your decorating style. There are various types of recliners that utilize different mechanisms for lounging, and the type you choose will definitely impact the price and the look of the couch. When it comes to sofa recliners in particular, there are three main categories that apply:

Power recliners are one of the most popular options right now, because who doesn't love the combination of luxury and technology? With this type of sofa, you merely have to press a button, and your body slides into an ergonomic lounging position. (Some even have built-in USB ports to charge your phone.) That said, power recliners are typically a lot more expensive than manual ones. They also require a constant power source, so you'll need a nearby outlet or some patience when it comes to recharging the battery. 

Next, you've got manual recliners. These have been around for quite a while — picture the La-Z-Boy chair in your grandparents' living room, but in couch-form. These sofas don't require any power source because the reclining mechanism responds to the pull of a lever or the force of your body. They're oftentimes more affordable, but all those gears have to go somewhere, so they're typically pretty bulky, too. 

Last but not least (especially for those with minimal space), you've got the adjustable recliner. Much like a futon or a sofa bed, these hinge where the seat meets the backrest — but they stop somewhere in the middle so you can comfortably lean back. They might not offer foot and leg support, but they're usually very affordable, sleek-looking, and versatile.

Not sure where to start? We've narrowed down the best recliner sofas for 2021, and all of them offer comfort, luxury, and style simultaneously — no compromises necessary. 

The Best Overall Pick: Modern Living Room Wide Square Arm Reclining Sofa

When it comes to reclining sofas, finding one that's sleek, modern, and actually matches is not the easiest feat. That's why the Modern Living Room Reclining Sofa from Wayfair sofa is our number one pick. Its thin arms, low profile, and loose overstuffed cushions make it look and feel like a classy Lawson-style couch. Reviewers have even gone so far as to say that this is "the only attractive recliner sofa [they've] ever seen." (Bold statement, but we kind of get it.)

In fact, unlike most other options, you'd never know this one had double power-reclining footrests that emerge from the base. It's also a very well-made option with a solid wood frame, fixed with bolts and screws, high-quality cloth, and fine workmanship. Now that's luxury.

The simple, sleep beige color is also perfect for just about any living space. It will blend in perfectly with your existing furniture, and can be spiced up with whatever pillows you already have (or, go ahead a splurge on new ones!).

Finally, there's a reasonable price tag despite the fact that it's an extremely well-made piece. Most reclining sofas are a few thousand dollars (at least), but this one will cost you less than $800. According to buyers, you're not compromising on quality, either. The design utilizes precision-cut frames, tempered steel spring clips, and metal fixtures. And since the feather blend foam pillows are movable, you can flip, readjust, and spot-clean to extend their longevity

Modern Living Room Reclining Sofa, $799, Wayfair

The Most Budget-Friendly Option: Brenna Convertible Sofa

Let’s face it: Finding a reclining sofa that looks nice and doesn’t cost you a small fortune is easier said than done. Chances are, you’ll notice that the lower your price range is the more likely you’ll find slouchy — and downright unsightly — options. Ugh.

That being said, finding a chic (and cheap!) recliner sofa isn’t impossible. You’ll just need to get a little creative. One way to do so is with a convertible sofa. Admittedly, a convertible sofa isn’t the “power recliner” we’re typically used to; however, it’s a versatile style that is designed for kicking back and relaxing. Urban Outfitters’ Brenna Convertible Sofa, for example, has an adjustable back that turns this couch into a bed. Not only is the Brenna sofa a great place to curl up with a book, but it’ll also come in handy if you’re hosting some friends or family members

“Just what I was looking for! Amazing for the price and perfect for a wide range of styles,” one customer wrote

Whenever a couch is made for sitting and sleeping, there is always the concern that it will lose its form and turn into a squish seat faster than you can say “sleep sofa.” The good news is several customers claim the Brenna sofa is comfortable, but not cushy, so it should hold up well over time. Still, thanks to its tufted, faux leather cover, onlookers will have no idea that it has convertible capabilities. In fact, they’ll probably have no idea that you purchased it for under $1,000. Clocking in at $474, this style is remarkably affordable for a couch — no less an adjustable couch. 

The Brenna sofa may not be your typical recliner couch, but if you’re looking for the perfect trifecta of lounging, looks, and value, it can’t be beat.

Urban Outfitters Brenna Convertible Sofa, $474, Urban Outfitters

For A Modern, Sophisticated Look: Nakale Leather Reclining Loveseat

Style-concerned customers may shy away from recliner sofas because they tend to be bulky and more traditional-looking. In fact, the internet is filled with help-threads that consist of folks asking for advice on good-looking reclining couches because — to put it frankly — "they are ugly." Fortunately, the Nakale leather loveseat from Orren Ellis is anything but, and it's defying recliner standards with its modern, classy look.

Instead of patterned fabric, a heavy base, and outdated features, this one is made from top-grain Italian leather; it also has thin metal legs and utilizes clean lines and understated cushions for a much more contemporary look. One reviewer who "just finished building [their] new home in the Colorado Rockies" calls this piece "modern and sleek." They also rave that it's the perfect fit for their "mid-century modern look." 

That said, if you're concerned about the comfort factor, don't be. This pick is filled with supportive foam and has two power-reclining root rests on either side. It even has adjustable hatchet headrests, so you can find the optimal angle for reading, napping, or watching television. It comes in blue gray, light gray, caramel, or merlot, and you can also purchase a matching recliner club chair. If only someone had told those frustrated folks about this reclining sofa. 

Orren Ellis Nakale Leather Reclining Loveseat, $2,039.99, Wayfair

A Tech-Savvy Reclining Couch: Talin Grey Power Reclining Sofa

Picture this: You’re lounging away on your couch — partially catching up on your favorite show, partially scrolling through Instagram — when your phone’s battery dips into the red zone. Do you put your show on pause to charge your phone? Or, do you let your phone’s battery fade into oblivion as you Netflix and chill? Thanks to Living Spaces’ Talin Sofa, you no longer have to choose.

This couch boasts a discreet USB port on the side, making it easy to power up your smartphone, tablet, or pair of Bluetooth headphones. The sky’s the limit! At 85 inches wide, this is one sizable sofa. You might even need to invest in an extra-long charging cable. But once you’ve added one to your cart, you’ll have the perfect setup. 

In addition to the USB port, this sofa features a robust, power recline. Simply press a button and your sofa will sail away with a smooth motion. Both of the sofa’s seats recline, making it the perfect option for you and your roommate. Plus, the adjustable headrests offer optimal comfort from head to toe. Power recliners have a bad rap for being big, bulky, and an eyesore to an otherwise stunning space. But between its sleek silhouette and versatile, gray hue, this option from Living Spaces bridges the gap between form and function.

Living Spaces Talin Grey Power Reclining Sofa with USB, $1,095, Living Spaces

The Best Reclining Sofa for Small Spaces: Tricia Power Hybrid Reclining Loveseat

Just because your space is lacking in square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style. Fortunately, the Tricia Power Hybrid Reclining Loveseat ticks off all the boxes — without taking up too much space. 

At 60 inches wide, this loveseat may be small, but trust us — it packs a punch. This option has a power recliner that makes kicking back and relaxing a breeze. Plus, many customers were impressed by the loveseat’s craftsmanship: “The quality was substantially above anything I would have gotten at a local big-box furniture store and I was thrilled that it was an American-made product,” wrote one reviewer

As this small sofa proves, there’s plenty of great style to go around. Not only can you choose from more than 120 custom-upholstery options, but the nail hardware offers a sweet finishing touch. 

Wayfair Tricia Power Hybrid Reclining Loveseat, $1,404, Wayfair

A Neutral Statement — Or A Pop Of Color: Logan Reclining Sofa

Craving something that demands your attention? Look no further than the Logan couch. Even in a neutral hue (pictured above), this option can’t help but make a statement — but maximalists will be happy to know that this sofa is offered in tons of different colors and patterns. From bright blues, to nautical stripes, to fun florals, Wayfair’s Upholstery program makes it easy to find an option that suits your personal style. 

Admittedly, colorful reclining chairs and sofas can easily fall into “movie-theater seat” territory, especially if you opt for fiery red or sunshine yellow. That said, thanks to the matte canvas fabric and surprisingly sleek silhouette, this option looks like it belongs in your home — not a home theater. Of course, this pick isn’t all aesthetics: With a convenient power recliner and cushioned seats, the Logan sofa will have you sitting pretty — and comfortably. 

Wayfair Logan Reclining Sofa, $1,370, Wayfair

If Comfort Is Your Top Priority: Malec Reclining Pillow Top Arm Sofa

If you're looking for a piece that you'll dream about coming home to every day, there's the Malec reclining sofa from Latitude Run. Its black or brown upholstery suits most color schemes, but this couch really shines when it comes to comfort.

First of all, it has cushioning everywhere, from the rounded armrests to the double-section backrests, and reviewers describe the padding as "soft but very supportive." Unlike most other couches (especially at this price point), the Malec also has both coil and pocket springs built into the seats for bounce, longevity, and body-encompassing comfort. 

And that's just the interior. On the outside, this couch is covered in a suede-like microfiber that glides against your skin, resists stains, and holds up well to wear. (Yeah, leather couches are super chic, but they don't always feel great against your body in the middle of August.) Last but definitely not least, this pick has tons of lounging space and two recliners on either side. They feature a solid, curved footrest for support that stretches from head to toe, and a split-back design so the recliners can move independently of one another. 

Latitude Run Malec Pillowtop Arm Reclining Sofa, $639.99, Wayfair

The Easiest To Personalize: Enzo Reclining Sofa

When locating your dream sofa, the decision comes down to more than just the color. Luckily, for those with specific needs and unique living spaces, the Enzo reclining sofa offers ample room for personalization. Of course, you can choose the shade (which is available in neutrals like white, gray, and tan as well as daring options like pink and yellow) — but there's so much more to customize here. 

Choose between several different fabric options, including distressed velvet, twill, linen, and yarn-dyed linen weave. For those with limited storage, you can opt for two hidden-storage arms, so you can stash away blankets, clutter, and seasonal throw pillows. You'll also find a USB port inside the storage arm for charging your devices. Finally, the couch has a pop-up headrest that you can adjust in order to support your preferred lounging position.

Concerning the construction, this pick offers a power-recliner button, a kiln-dried pine frame, and high-resiliency foam cushions.  

West Elm Enzo Reclining Sofa, $3,836, West Elm

As Sleek As It Gets: Pascal Mourgue SMALA Sofa

In terms of reclining sofas, it doesn't get much more sleek and stylish than this one. Its slim frame and low seat are due to the fact that it doesn't contain any high-tech motors, but don't be fooled — this pick is adjustable in more ways than one. The two slanted armrests can be positioned at three different angles, and the back also tilts or lies flat. As a result, this piece can function as an upright sofa, a chaise lounge, a recliner, or even a sleeper. 

Ligne Roset prides itself on modern, bold luxury, so this pick is available in several different colors and textiles. It's made with a tubular steel frame, polished aluminum feet, and high-resilience foam cushions. Best of all, since it's made at the foot of the Bugey mountains in France, you likely won't find a sofa like this anywhere in your local department store. 

Pascal Mourgue SMALA Sofa, $6,120, Ligne Roset

Goes With Everything: Zachery II Power Reclining Sofa

Greige has been called "the best neutral color ever," and if you're not utilizing it in your space, you may be missing out. It offers the contemporary appearance of gray, but thanks to the beige undertones, it creates a rich, warm hue that pulls to virtually any other color in the room. As a result, it's an extremely hassle-free neutral to work with. 

This power recliner sofa comes in (you guessed it) a relaxed greige fabric. Needless to say, you can put it in any room with any throw pillows, and it'll look like it was custom-made for your space. That said, you can also opt for dozens of other solid colors, florals, and geometric patterns. 

With its high backs, dual power-reclining seats, and high-density cushions, it's shockingly comfortable — but thanks to its streamlined mechanics, you'd never know this was a power sofa. 

Living Spaces Zachery II Power Reclining Sofa, $1,395, Living Spaces

The Best Reclining Sectional (With Storage): Serta Palisades Reclining Sectional

Available in three neutral colors (beige, oatmeal, and dark gray), this pick helps you cover all your bases with one versatile couch. The Serta Palisades is a reclining sofa and a cozy sectional in one, which is virtually unheard of within this category.

On the left side, you get a power-reclining seat with a tilting backrest and a pop-up footrest. On the right side, there's a classic chaise-lounge that, upon closer examination, isn't so classic after all. See, the cushion lifts up to reveal extra storage, which you can use for linens, pillows, reading material, or games. Finally, the wooden frame, upholstered material, and overstuffed back cushions come together to create a sofa that's classy, yet worthy of daily use.

Serta Palisades Reclining Sectional, $800, Target

For An Office Or Lounge: Evans Leather Power Reclining Sofa

The vast majority of reclining sofas are casual in appearance, so they look out of place in a lounge, home office, or formal living room. Not this tufted sofa. This piece blends into the most elevated of spaces with ease, thanks to its hand-crafted top-grain leather upholstery, tufted cushions, modern metal feet, and sleek, curved lines. 

That said, just because it looks delicate doesn't mean it feels that way; due to the high-density cushions and seat-suspension springs, you'll feel right at home lounging on this sofa. The automatic reclining mechanism lets you choose between infinite positions, and the dual USB ports ensure that your phone or e-reader stays fully powered while you relax. 

As if the sofa wasn't luxurious enough on its own, you get free white-glove delivery with your purchase. 

Overstock Copper Gramsh Dark Grey Tufted Velvet Recliner Loveseat, $3,071, Overstock

Apartments And Dorm Rooms: Christopher Knight Home Calliope Loveseat

Some spaces just aren't conducive to a full sofa — but that doesn't mean you should have to compromise on comfort.

The Calliope loveseat from Christopher Knight Home is well-suited for dorm rooms, city apartments, and cozy, compact houses. That's because, at just 47 inches wide, it's designed to hold up two people while simultaneously fitting into small spaces. Best of all, the reclining back and elevated footrest mean it's perfect for your reading nook, fireside retreat, or space-savvy media room. 

This loveseat is available in both gray and muted blue. Its tufted cushion and rounded angles have a traditional appearance, but they're balanced out by the slim arms and low seat — so it lends itself well to both modern and classic decor. 

"This chair exceeded my expectations," one reviewer raved. "It's firm but comfy, easily fits two adults side by side and reclines fairly deep. Assembly was a breeze. It looks lovely, and it's easily our new favorite piece of furniture." 

Christopher Knight Home Calliope Loveseat, $472, Target

A Rustic, Curved Touch: Orly Distressed Curved Sofa

The Delray Faux Leather Power Sofa Recliner is unlike most others for several reasons. For one, the subtly curved design is a great alternative to sectionals, and it works well both in corners or in the center of a room — not to mention it's way more practical when you're using a coffee table. (Imagine being able to reach your drink from any spot on your couch; now that's revolutionary.) 

For another, the hand-crafted top-grain leather and nail-trimmed rolled arms give it a rustic, traditional appearance, but this sofa is anything but outdated. In fact, inside the sofa, there's a Leggett and Platt power mechanism that offers ample reclining positions, and the combination of spring and foam ensures that whichever one you choose, you're extremely comfortable.

Delray Faux Leather Power Sofa Recliner with USB Charging Port Sofa, $1,028.04, Overstock

Modern Design, Cozy Upholstery: Talin Linen Reclining Sofa

This mid-century modern design is likely one you've seen before — but not paired with this upholstery. Squared arms, thin metal legs, and a low-to-the-ground profile are typically combined with top-grain leather, but the Talin reclining sofa opts for a linen fabric instead. That way, you get stunning style alongside a comfortable, soft-to-the-touch feel. 

You also get foam cushions, adjustable headrests, dual power-motion recliners, and useful USB ports. Needless to say, reviewers are thrilled; couples who formerly argued between comfort and style found they didn't have to compromise after all. "My husband wanted a recliner sofa, I wanted a fancy one," one buyer wrote, but they reached an understanding here. Another buyer said, "We were looking for a recliner but not in leather, so this was a perfect match to our requirements." 

Living Spaces Talin Linen Reclining Sofa, $1,095, Living Spaces

Create Your Own Movie Pit Couch: miBasics Neko Sectional

Finally, if you're looking to create the neighborhood's most coveted media space, this is the pick for you. The Neko sectional from miBasics has countless modular pieces to accommodate guests, seat multiple people at once, optimize your comfort levels, and even store your movie-watching accessories. 

Pull out the sleeper sofa to throw up your legs and stretch. Angle one of the five adjustable headrests for a reclining, supported position. The two smaller ottomans tuck underneath the arm when they're not in use, but easily slide out to extend the foot room or hold your food tray — while the bigger ottoman works as a chaise lounge or independent seating option. Last but not least, this piece amplifies your storage space tenfold thanks to the hollow headrest compartments and opening ottoman. 

miBasics Neko Sectional, $2,080, Target

We hope you're on your way to receiving your soon-to-be favorite piece of furniture! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.