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IKEA Sofas That Are Perfect For Naps

Thanks to their convertible frames, movable cushions, and hidden surprises, these 19 IKEA couches are seriously great for lounging.

Sure, you want a couch that looks good — but if it's not conducive to Saturday-afternoon naps and post-work snoozing, is it really the couch for you? Thankfully, IKEA is filled with the best sofas for seriously lazy lounging, and they're all stylish and affordable, too. After all, a luxurious living room is better if you can actually live in it. 

Since it was first founded in 1943, IKEA has prioritized the idea that attractive furniture should be accessible to all people — because furnishing a home is expensive, but you shouldn't have to compromise on style. The "IKEA concept" aims to combine quality, affordability, and function, and through utilizing a ship-and-assemble business model, it's done just that. However, in recent years, IKEA has been stepping up its game with its impressive home decor selection and its dedication to sustainable, moral business practices

And while we're at it, you can't discuss IKEA without discussing its downright genius designs. This company is currently the world's largest furniture retailer because it provides people with real solutions — whether those solutions come in the form of smart storage hacks, convertible sleep solutions, or new and innovative pieces that you probably haven't seen anywhere else. 

Like most other categories, IKEA's sofa selection is filled with smart, chic designs, but they don't compromise on comfort, either. In fact, many of them are capable of converting into beds or loungers, so you can accommodate an overnight guest or slip in and out of sleep with the TV on. Since many of their designs are especially space-savvy, they're also a great solution for those looking to maximize a small home or apartment

Needless to say, if you're a fan of naps, lounging, and kicking your feet up, these 19 sofas from IKEA bring relaxation to the next level.

Best Overall Sofa For Naps: Flottebo Sleeper Sofa

We'll be the first to admit that the Flottebo sleeper sofa isn't your average couch — and that's a wonderful thing. Instead of fixed back cushions and immovable arm rests, this pick comes with three loose pillows that you can arrange any way you see fit... But thankfully, the underside is covered with an anti-slip material, so you can lean back on them, cushion your head, or prop up your limbs without them sliding around. According to one happy reviewer, "The pillows do. not. move." 

Remove the cushions entirely, and the sofa instantly transforms into a bed that's 47 by 78 inches — that's almost as wide (and even longer) than a standard full-size mattress. In fact, inside the seat cushion, there are individually-wrapped pocket springs that conform to your body for optimal support, so it actually feels like a mattress: "Have had friends sleep over and they said it was as comfy as a bed," one reviewer says, and others tend to agree. 

Last but absolutely not least, the seat cushion flips up to reveal a roomy storage space for fresh sheets, extra pillows, and cozy blankets. That way, you can transform it into a real, functional bed in no time. This pick is available in three different colors: beige, dark gray, and green. Especially given the quality frame, the  versatile design, and the tough, abrasion-resistant fabric, the reasonable $499 price tag is another huge reason why it's our number-one pick. 

Flottebo Sleeper Sofa, $499, IKEA

Best Budget Pick: Balkarp Sleeper Sofa

For those on a budget, don't worry — comfort, style, and affordability can go hand-in-hand. For less than $200, the Balkarp sleeper sofa gives you a couch, a lounger, and a bed all in one. The key feature is the adjustable back, which can recline or lay totally flat to double its surface area. For that reason, it qualifies as a convertible sofa or a sofa bed, and is a great solution for a small space without a designated guest room. Reviewers say its tiny profile actually works in their favor, because it effortlessly fits into home offices, small studio apartments, and even RVs. 

"I got this sofa when I moved into my new apartment," one reviewer says. "I needed something cheap and small. I love the simple look of it. And the quality is good enough for this price. The ability to make it a sleeper sofa is a big advantage to me, as my apartment is small and living room furniture will have to accommodate guests when needed." They also say "it was extremely easy to assemble" and a great resource for those who are "starting [their lives] from scratch." (If you're not loving the gray, this pick is also available in black.) 

Balkarp Sleeper Sofa, $179, IKEA

Roomy And Highly-Rated: Söderhamn Sofa

Modern, versatile designs are great, but maybe you're looking for the cozy feel of a more-traditional sofa. In that case, this pick from Söderhamn has the loose cushions and set-back arms that you're likely to see with a Bridgewater-style couch — but its low profile, metallic feet, and all-around equal height give it a contemporary feel without losing any of the warmth

Even though it doesn't adjust or convert, this sofa is still an extremely comfortable place for a nap. For one, its seat is more than 27 inches deep, which is more than enough room to pull your legs into you or roll over. (For reference, the average sofa seat depth is between 21 and 24 inches.) As previously stated, the cushions are all totally movable, so you can add more support where you need it and subtract obstructions where you don't — and underneath, you'll find elastic webbing for a softer, springier feel. The cushions even come in two different sizes, which can be an added convenience when finding your most comfortable position. 

Last but not least, the materials and construction all keep longevity in mind. The frame is made from real wood and steel, the cushions contain high-resilience foam, and the upholstery cover can be removed and washed in the machine — it can even handle up to 40,000 cycles. This pick is available in four colors (light pink, dark gray, white, and turquoise), and has an overall rating of 4.8 stars. 

Söderhamn Sofa, $599, IKEA

Multiple Ways To Nap: Friheten Sleeper Sectional

Sectionals are already great for napping because of the built-in chaise lounge, which allows you the freedom to extend your legs — but this pick has a few hidden secrets that make it one of the most versatile pieces of furniture we've seen. 

First, this sofa converts into bed that's five inches shy of a queen-size mattress. How? Underneath the longer portion of the sofa, there's a cushion that's subtly tucked away beneath the frame. This cushion rolls out and pops up with a quick pull of the fabric handles, filling out the remainder of the rectangle to give you ample sleeping space (or just a place to lounge around, read, and watch TV). 

Inside the elongated chaise portion, you'll find hidden storage for pillows and blankets; the cushion lid is attached via metal hinges that stay put in any position, so you can take things out and put them away without hassle. "This is perfect for my smaller living room," says one reviewer who has successfully pulled out the extension to seat four adults simultaneously, recliner-style. They say it's the "most comfortable place to sleep," and even after years of use, it still "looks brand new."

This option comes in five different colors: orange, gray, brown, black, and beige. 

Friheten Sleeper Sectional, $599, IKEA

The Most Luxurious Nap Ever: Landskrona Chaise Sectional

IKEA used to be all about affordable, easy-to-assemble furniture, and in a lot of ways, it still is. But recently, this company has been seriously upping its game in terms of sustainability and working to create more versatile products that utilize higher-quality materials.  The Landskrona chaise sectional is just one example of these standards.

Instead of cheap, thin fabric, this couch is covered in a thick-grain leather (available in five colors) that's been dyed all the way through to prevent fading and discoloration.  Inside, you'll find high-resilience memory foam and polyester padding, both of which work to spring back into shape the second you stand up. The frame is made from real wood, and since 2015, the company has also vowed to protect their workers, customers, and the environment by opting to keep their leather products chrome-free

Thanks to its low seat, classy tufting, and thin legs, this sofa definitely has a mid-century modern look — and according to reviewers, it "pairs well" with their 1963 home.  Still, even though it's stylish, comfort is a top priority. The deep seats and padded back offer support and ample room, while the extended chaise lets you put your feet up while you slip off to sleep. You can even opt between a left-facing orientation or a right-facing orientation during assembly. 

Landskrona Chaise Sectional, $1,399, IKEA

If You Prefer Big, Fluffy Couches: Grönlid Sofa

For the most part, IKEA's furniture is sleek and modern, but if your idea of a cozy living room includes homey texture and over-stuffed cushions, you're in luck. The Grönlid sofa offers all of that and more. Available in six different colors, this pick is perfect for naps because of its removable cover, extra deep seat, and six movable back cushions. With a width of 97 inches, this sofa is larger than your average three-seater, so it's ideal for especially tall people or those who prefer to stretch out. 

"I've loved it since I put it together," raves one reviewer who's lived with this pick for two months now. “This is honestly the most comfortable couch I've ever sat on. I sleep on it regularly, and having the control to take it apart meant I could fit it through my apartment's narrow doorways.” In other words, despite the size, it shouldn't be an issue when it comes to moving or redecorating. 

Grönlid Sofa, $699, IKEA

Ideal For The Minimalist: Ypperlig Sleeper Sofa

If you're a fan of the "less is more" style of decorating, then the Ypperlig sleeper sofa is the pick for you. This  couch has an extra deep seat and a padded backrest for comfort — but its beech legs, bench-like profile, and armless design give it a modern simplicity that appeals to all different types of minimalists. The natural wood finishes mesh with virtually any decor, and the gray fabric is extremely versatile alongside most colors thanks to its wide range of undertones

That said, this isn't just a couch. Due to the specific construction of the seat, you're also getting a comfortable sleeping space for naps or overnight guests. Unlike your average sofa, this one is made with real pocket springs (coils that are individually-encased in fabric) to give it the bounce and support you'd find in a real bed. It even comes with a mattress topper, and since the seat is 27 and 1/2 inches deep, it's almost as big as a small single mattress.

What do reviewers have to say? "It does it all," one buyer raves. "Seats four and can accommodate a six-foot guest." Another says, "I bought this for my daughter’s bedroom...The sofa’s design is clean and fresh and will grow with her through childhood, into teenage years and off to college. Comfortable and fun!" 

Ypperlig Sleeper Sofa, $599, IKEA

Read, Eat, and Nap: Delaktig Sofa With Lamp and Side Table

Yes, it'll be your go-to for naps and accommodating overnight guests— but this three-in-one sofa from Delaktig is also ideal for enjoying your favorite after-work snack or curling up with a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

What makes this pick so unique? For one, the single arm rest and all three back cushions are entirely movable, so you can rearrange them depending on your needs and your preferred position; create a chaise lounge while you're flipping through a magazine, or remove all of the cushions for optimal sleeping space. The fabric cover (which is available in dark blue, charcoal gray, and light gray) is even removable and machine-washable, so everything stays clean and sanitary long-term. In fact, if you're concerned about durability, this pick utilizes materials like steel, aluminum, and real wood, so it's made to last. 

Finally, this sofa has a built-in side table and an LED floor lamp that you can attach anywhere on the frame, thanks to the steel mounting bracket on the bottom. That way, even if you're particularly short on space, you can ensure a stable surface for snacks and an illuminating light fixture for reading. 

Delaktig Sofa With Lamp and Side Table, $854, IKEA

Ample Room For Multiple People: Kivik Five-Piece Sectional

Maybe you're working with an especially large living room. Maybe you've got a huge family, or maybe napping space is your top priority. Either way, the Kivik five-piece sectional is well-worth the (surprisingly affordable) price. This L-shaped sofa stretches over 100 inches in either direction to offer generous seating for you and all your guests — or just you. 

The seat cushions are filled with a high-resilience cold foam and even have a layer of memory foam on top. Low armrests and supportive back cushions are conducive to napping in all different potions, and there's even a built-in chaise seat so multiple people can stretch out at once. The upholstery is available in eight different color options, and all cushion covers are removable and machine-washable. 

So far, this sectional has a perfect five-star rating, and people say that they're "totally obsessed" with their pick. "I was a first time Ikea buyer and this was my first purchase... So spacious and comfy." In fact, they were so thrilled, they bought the matching ottoman

Kivik Five-Piece Sectional, $1,249, IKEA

For Extra Storage: Flekke Daybed With Drawers

Courtesy of IKEA.

Ample pillows and fuzzy blankets also help to facilitate comfortable naps — but where will you store them when company comes over? This pick is a great solution for those in apartments, dorm rooms, and small houses with cramped closets. That's because, in addition to a cozy napping spot, it also comes with built-in storage. 

The Flekke daybed works well as a versatile couch, reading nook, or sitting area thanks to the tapered back-support and flat design, but two large drawers underneath provide enough room to hide your linens and clutter. The dark-wood veneer goes with just about any decor, while a durable foam mattress comes included in your purchase. 

Past reviewers have given this one a 4.3-star rating because of its quality, value, and appearance — and they say it works well in guest areas, home offices, living rooms, and children's bedrooms. "This bed is simple enough to assemble," one buyer wrote. "All-in-all a great, space-saving piece!" 

Flekke Daybed, $529, IKEA

A Versatile Modular Pull-Out: Vallentuna Mod Sofa

This sofa is probably unlike any other you've seen before, and for two reasons: 1). The base slides out from the bottom while the cushions flip upwards and out, and 2), The sofa halves come apart, so you can create two armchairs or two single beds from one couch. Needless to say, this one comes with countless options, like cozy reading corners, impromptu naps, and sleeping two guests with one piece of furniture — even when they barely know each other. 

In terms of the construction, this piece is made from a solid-wood blend, renewable cotton, and high-density foam. Most of the cushion covers are removable and machine-washable, and buyers say it's extremely easy to assemble. They also say it's shockingly durable, too: "After more than a year it looks brand new." 

Finally, if light gray isn't your color, you can also get this one in black, white, olive green, light blue, and dark faux-leather. 

Vallentuna Mod Sofa, $1,190, IKEA

Simplistic And Sophisticated: Markerad Daybed

The best daybeds are known for their multi-functionality, sleek style, and space-savvy designs — not to mention their typically affordable price tags. They work well up against walls (especially since they usually don't have any back support), but they can also be placed seamlessly in the middle of a room, since they won't obstruct your line of sight. Oh — and of course, they're incredible for naps. 

This Markerad daybed has a Bonnell-spring mattress and a chic, light-wood base with four simple legs. It also has a roll pillow with a strap, which functions as a single arm or neck support, depending on your position.  Best of all, its neutral greige color is extremely forgiving in any room and with any accents, so you can feel free to plop it down and throw your feet up. 

Markerad Daybed, $449, IKEA

A Shelf And A Sofa In One: Ekebol Sofa

What do you need to make your naptime even better? Maybe it's a great podcast delivered through your favorite headphones. Perhaps you like reading a book until your eyes begin to flutter shut. Maybe you need a mid-afternoon snack. Whatever comforts you best, the Ekebol shelf sofa ensures that it's always within reach. That's because it features smart shelves on all sides of the sofa — including a second tier behind the back cushions — for your devices, remote controls, or reading material. 

With tufted linen cushions, birch plywood shelves, and a distressed steel frame, this piece ties in multiple aesthetics for a look that's equal parts cozy and industrial. The cushions are made from foam, so they're "comfy and flexible," and the covers are washable in case of spills.

Ekebol Shelf Sofa, $399, IKEA

If You're Extra Short On Space: Lycksele Lövås Sleeper Sofa

For those with small, multi-functional rooms or trouble fighting the clutter, there's this brilliant Lycksele Lövås sleeper sofa.

First of all, the removable cover comes in four colors and one pattern, so it's easy to match — and even easier to keep clean. Second, this sofa is more compact than most, so it can fit into corners and between furniture with ease. It measures about 55 inches across, so when upright, it's like a chair-and-a-half, and when folded out into a mattress, it's a little bit wider than a full. As a result, it can sleep two on its comfortable foam mattress, but it'll take up minimal space in your living area. 

Last but not least, the elevated design offers several inches of room underneath, so when combined with a storage case, you can keep linens, winter clothing, and books within reach but out of sight. 

Lycksele Lövås Sleeper Sofa, $279, IKEA

Sleep Sitting Up: Vimle Headrest Sofa

What do commuters, CEOs, and dads on football Sunday have in common? They can all sleep while sitting up. For those who prefer to get some shut-eye in an upright position, the Vimle sofa is a smart pick. Unlike the average couch, it has a supported, extended headrest on the left-most seat, so you can experience spinal support from head to tailbone. 

The faux-leather material comes in either black or brown, and both of them wipe clean with a damp cloth. You can also opt for the same sofa in a classic fabric finish, which is available in dark blue, beige, gray, tan, or multicolor salmon. 

Vimle Headrest Sofa, $624, IKEA

When You Love Pillows: Stockholm 2017 Sofa

For some, it's not a satisfying nap unless you're drowning in fluff and cushioning. If you belong to that category of sleepers, have we got a sofa for you: It's called the Stockholm 2017, and it comes with 10 loose, amazingly soft pillows for your napping pleasure. That way, you can adjust your head, neck, and back support to suit your favorite position. 

The sofa and all its pillows are covered in a deep-pile velvet, which glides against your skin and gives off a reflective, vintage sheen. (It also comes in dark gray, if you're not loving the ink blue.) Inside the cushions, you'll find a mix of resilient foam and polyester fibers, and the wooden legs are lined with a felt padding to prevent scratches on hardwood and tile floors. 

Stockholm 2017 Sofa, $1,699, IKEA

Theater-Level Support: Lidhult Loveseat

While the Lidhult loveseat may be compact and suitable for smaller spaces, it does not at all skimp on support. In fact, its high backs, attached neck cushions, and pocket springs are reminiscent of body-hugging theater seats, so you can create your very own media space at home. Whether you prefer to stretch out vertically or curl up horizontally, the over-stuffed arms and rounded seat cushions are well-suited for a nap any time of day — but especially once the credits start rolling. 

This piece is made from top-grain leather, dyed with a classic light-brown pigment. The frame uses a blend of different woods, and the cushions are stuffed with high-resilience cold foam and felt lining. (It also comes in black or dark brown.) 

Lidhult Loveseat, $999, IKEA

For A Full Night's Rest: Vimle Sleeper Sofa

Sometimes an evening nap turns into something more — like a full-fledged eight hours, and that's totally fine. Other times, when you're feeling under the weather, you want to fall in and out of sleep in front of the television. Then there's the friend who's had one too many glasses of wine and ends up staying the night. For all those situations and more, there's the Vimle sleeper sofa

When in couch-form, this compact two-seater offers high arms, over-stuffed cushions, and a sleek, linen-like fabric in six color options. But when it's time to deepen your nap, this couch quickly transforms into a real mattress as soon as you pull on the underframe. Said mattress is made from almost 5 inches of thick, high-resilience foam, and it's just shy of a queen to comfortably fit two people at once. 

It's also protected with a 10-year limited warranty and has been tested to withstand 50,000 cycles, so you know it's a versatile investment that'll last you quite a while. 

Vimle Sleeper Sofa, $999, IKEA

So You Can Nap Outside: Havsten Outdoor Sofa

Ah, the soothing sounds of birdsong, rain-drops, and rustling trees. It doesn't get much better than a nap outdoors, but the right surface is essential. Whether you've got a porch, a sunroom, or a patio, this Havsten sofa offers comfort and durability at the same time.

The fluffy cushions and elastic mesh are designed for support, but the fabric is both dope-dyed and water-resistant, so it can withstand sun, moisture, and the elements. It's also reversible, removable, and washable, plus raindrops shake right off instead of soaking in. Last but not least, the neutral fabric and modern frame are easy to work into your existing outdoor decor, and the built-in adjustable straps prevent the cushions from blowing away in the wind.

Havsten Outdoor Sofa, $750, IKEA

We hope you found the couch of (and to facilitate) your dreams! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.