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Solange Is Sharing Peeks Inside Her New Orleans Home

And we're fangirling all over the place.

Aside from being sister to one Miss Queen B, singer and wedding badass Solange Knowles is perhaps best know for her brilliantly vibrant and occasionally off-the-wall fashion. So we were surprised to find that a few sneak peeks inside her new New Orleans home offered up on the songstress's Instagram, @saintrecords, revealed a subdued palette and downright classic design choices.

Nubby sisal carpet and a striated and seemingly biomorphic wood piece (is it a cocktail table? a sculptural lounge chair?) appear to be taking things in an au natural, almost tropical, direction. Of course being Solange, she of the brilliant patterns couldn't resist adding a little graphic accent to her #floorcore shot with printed desert boots. 

The burled wood frame is another trad choice, though the style has been having a major moment among young design fans. Elsewhere, a streamlined sectional sofa sports classic awning stripes and even more tropical vibes come courtesy of a sculptural houseplant—perhaps inspired by her recent stay in Bahia. We might suggest our new favorite green, Monstera, for a similarly Jurassic vibe.

Photo: HNOC via Curbed NOLA
Photo: HNOC via Curbed NOLA

The home itself, Curbed NOLA has been speculating, is this balconied French Quarter number, owned by fellow musician Frank Ocean, a New Orleans native. It was recently sold to a "Noble Jones Trust" for $1.375 million. Curbed points out the secret behind the cleverly disguised buyer: Noble Jones is a prominent music video director and filmmaker. The property also shares an address with Frank Ocean Touring, Inc.