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The 4 Hashtags That Will Inspire Your Next Vacation

Close all the TripAdvisor tabs and open Instagram.

As long as humans have been traveling, we've sought the counsel of others on the best things to do, eat, and see. Sure, originally it was for survival, but when "vacay" entered the picture we turned to guide books, then travel agents, then websites, and ended up at Instagram. Lonny editors started making their Bite Size city guides to share the places they scouted (and documented) on the 'gram, and companies like Spot popped up to take advantage of this wellspring of inspiration and recommendations.

Along the way a few hahtags have established themselves as the go-tos for finding the coolest stuff—from the best mountaintop view to the perfect downtown bite. Here are a few of our favorites to keep an eye on for the ultimate in curated travel ideas. And if you don't end up in a wormhole, you're not doing it right.