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This is the Craziest Before and After Ever

Lena Dunham's favorite Brooklyn ceramicist just turned literal trash into loft-living treasure.

Brooklyn ceramicist Isaac Nichols, best known for his provocative lady-shaped plant pots, loved by Lena Dunham (and Lonny), just instagrammed what has to be the most extreme before-and-after transformation we've ever seen. Yesterday he posted this photo of what appears to be a pile of tetanus, captioning it, "A few years ago I took this home with me." Yes, we too questioned the logistics of this, and perhaps his sanity. But then he posted this:

Accompanied by the understatement of the century:"And then I washed it. #philly #apartment." The trailer, newly clean, solid, and presumably rodent-free acts as a private office space in an otherwise open loft. 

Check out the hipsterific interiors: a plaid throw, a collection of previously loved wood chairs, and storage for your fair isle sweater collection. See more from Nichols on Instagram, @grouppartner.