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Cool Painted Floors Are Taking Over Instagram

Michelangelo may have become famous for painting a ceiling, but these social media tastemakers are taking their talents to the ground

A floor painted by @deanbarger and designed by Eric Cohler. Photo: @kindredcreativestudio
A floor painted by @deanbarger and designed by Eric Cohler. Photo: @kindredcreativestudio

Yes, big fluffy Moroccan rugs are fun and gleaming, dark-wood floors are great, but nothing says "I'm the illest homeowner ever" quite like a sweet paint job underfoot. After swooning over (and feverishly pinning) the chevron-covered entryway of the reimagined Victorian we featured a few months back, we've been on a mission to find all the beautiful #paintedfloors the internet has to offer. If Instagram is any indication, it seems like more and more designers are pointing their paint brushes down low all in the of name risk-taking design. Check out a few we've spotted on the 'gram that have us inspired to go all Van Gogh beneath our feet. 

Alabama-based designer @william_mclure bravely took the always-classic color combo of blue and white to the kitchen floors of his Birmingham home.

If you were blown away by the epic geometric floors handpicked for our recent installment of Instagram Stories, then you've got to check out the man who made it all happen. Here, decorative painter @deanbarger took an intricate star-patterned design to the fancy floors of an Upper East Side apartment to create one stellar first impression. 

Down in Dallas, the fashion forward women's boutique @shopcanary flaunts a wide black-and-white striped floor in their trendy storefront, punctuated by a sassy pair of leopard-covered armchairs. 

Lonny favorite Michelle Smith proves that paint-covered floors aren't so intimidating when serene neutrals are involved. 

Designer @tonybaratta's old-school style is well-suited to the crafty look, and he's been painting client's floors for years. This nautical-inspired perch is part of a recently completed project that takes coastal living to a whole new level.