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A Black Candle Setup for Your Halloween Table

'Tis the season for a spooky yet sophisticated display that will leave you spellbound.

Plastic spiders, kitschy witches, gawking pumpkins—anyone who was raised on a diet of fake cobwebs over the hedges knows it's not easy to keep Halloween decor on the right side of refined. While orange has become the unofficial color of the holiday, we've always been partial to its darker, more mysterious partner: black. Both moody and sophisticated, the shade conjures images of dread and elegance alike. What better way to demonstrate your love for the season than with a curated collection of noir-themed candles in a variety of spooky shapes and sizes. From an ominous wax-hewn bust to an anatomically correct Yorick, these sexy finds make for a perfectly ghastly Halloween table.  

Decorating with Black
Decorating with Black

For a creepy yet elegant setup—whether it's arranged at the center of the Halloween dinner table or to greet design-savvy trick-or-treaters in your entry—consider this eclectic mix. An assortment of cloches and Baroque wood pillars impart a cabinet-of-curiosities feel, especially when stocked with macabre skulls. Meanwhile, a collection of black pillars and pots encased in equally dark vessels lend an appropriately sinister atmosphere. The effect is at once seductive and eerie—an intoxicating blend that'll put a spell on every last person who sees it.