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Etsy Find of the Week: Illustrated Trays from Depeapa

Depeapa | Lonny.com
(Ph. via Depeapa Etsy)
It's hard to decide what I don't love from Verónica de Arriba's Etsy shop, Depeapa. (The name is a play on the Spanish term for "from start to finish," a reference to the process of making everything by hand.) The Granada-based graphic designer and illustrator covers everything from totes to tea towels in her cute-but-not-cutesy abstract renderings of people, places and plants—and even the occasional koala bear. These melamine tea trays stand out for their charm—what a lovely way to entertain guests (or just yourself).

Depeapa tray | Lonny.comDepeapa tray | Lonny.com
(Photos via Depeapa Etsy)
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