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Justina Blakeney's New Wallpaper Collection Is Pure Gold

The Instagram extraordinaire (and author, designer, and Lonny favorite) debuts a new wallpaper collection with Hygge & West

After nearly a year-long process—of sketching, making color selections, tweaking and styling—author, designer, and artist Justina Blakeney's first wallpaper collection makes its debut this week. A collaboration with Minneapolis- and San Francisco-based brand Hygge & West, the made-in-America range comes in five designs and multiple color ways, all of which were conceived by Blakeney and inspired by her travels, her photography, and her love of giant leaves. 

"This was my first time designing wallpaper. I loved everything about the process," says Blakeney, who hand-drew many of the patterns, including Cosmic Desert, a whimsical palm motif that looks like the best kind of mirage, and Fez, which creates a tile-like effect with the repetition of sun and moon symbols. "There is something magical about using fine lines and dots on wallpaper because the effect is so different depending on how far you're standing from the wall," the designer explains.

Hygge & West co-owners Aimee Lagos and Christiana Coop worked closely with Blakeney to introduce a series of vibrant shades, many of which are new to the brand. "We launched several new hues for this collection because color is such an important aspect of Justina’s style," says Lagos. "The collection is much more colorful than most of our collections." Expect to see the range, which Blakeney plans to use liberally in her own home (she's currently working on a renovation), show up on the designer's must-follow Instagram feed over the next few months.