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Our New Etsy Stationery Crush


Tith Sin is the Portland, Oregon-based artist and printmaker behind POPbyTS, a two-year-old Etsy shop dedicated to unique crafts and colorful stationery. "I create from my at-home studio, which I like to call my 'design attic,'" says Sin.  "My designs are inspired by my surroundings, such as my flower garden and my houseplants. I love creating [a sense of] playfulness by combining colors and nature." Each lino-cut card begins as a sketch on paper, which Sin then traces and carves into a linoleum block; each print is then hand-pulled. "I like to get my hands dirty," says Sin of the creative process. "And I really love seeing the joy in people’s faces when they see my work!" Prices range from $5 for a card to $35 for an art print; we're particularly fond of Sin's Cactaceae series (below).

(Photos courtesy Tith Sin)
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