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Dry Shampoo for Your Yoga Mat? It's a Thing, and it's Amazing

Sport refresh | Lonny.com

Two Australian BFFs behind the Mr. Black Garment Essentials brand have us re-thinking the way we clean our stuff—and it's almost too good to be true. An all-natural rose scented spray for that bacteria ridden gym gear? Sounds good to us.tktkAn enzyme-free washing solution that won't fray, fade, or shrink beloved threads? Sold. The one we're most wishing for, however, is a refresh spray that is to clothes what dry shampoo is to hair. By lifting surface dirt and neutralizing odors, your favorite pieces can be zhooshed and quaffed in between washes, saving you time and money. Looking for more Lonny-approved laundering solutions? Read about our favorites here and here.
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