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Etsy Find of the Week: Wooden Ornaments by Flâneur's Pocket

It's that time of the year, and the Lonny photo studio is full of gorgeous holiday decor of every style and persuasion: glass globes, gold-tipped arrows, beaded animals, and more. (See our absolute favorites in our December-January issue, which goes live December 1st!) But I have a soft spot for these little gems I found today on brand-new Etsy boutique Flâneur's Pocket. The name alone makes me smile, but these handmade wooden ornaments happen to combine a few of my favorite current decor trends: color blocking, fluoro, and a tactile, geometric form.
(Source: Flaneur's Pocket/Etsy)Plus some gold leaf for good measure! At $25 each, I would consider these investment ornaments, but I love the idea of hanging one (or three, if I can justify a little splurge) from my tree this holiday season. All I know about Flâneur's Pocket is that they're based in New York City and apparently will soon be adding more products (including planters) to their Etsy offerings... Keep me posted, guys! Consider me your newest fan.
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