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10 Better Things to Put on Your Book Stack

Next-level styling starts with the perfect artful objet.

10 Better Things to Put on Your Book Stack

The perfect book stack is an art honed over many years of shelfie zhushing and coffee-table tweaking. It comes with myriad theories on arrangements and accents, cult-classic tomes, and, perhaps most divisive, whether or not to color code. But just when you think you've become a Jedi-level vignette artist, there comes the greatest challenge of all: the stack topper. That singular item that finishes off the perfect pile, that looks considered, but not heavy-handed. Chic, but not try-hard. Worthy of conversation, but not outwardly distracting. Your grandma might have used a crystal dish full of hard candies, your mom, a bowl of grapevine balls or shells. But you know better. You have vision. And if you don't, well, scroll down and we'll get you some. 

1. Horshoe Magnet, Areaware from TenOverSix, $14.

2. Casca Bowl, Anna New York by RabLabs, $396.

3. Trove Box Square, Tom Dixon, $120.

4. Brass coasters, Kiel Mead, $30 for a set of 4.

5. Coffee Table Box, by Chen Chen and Kai Williams from Tetra, $484

6. Marble Candleholders by Fort Standard, $42.

7. Manhattan Blocks, Land of Nod, $47.20.

8. Splatter Tipsy, Bower from Sight Unseen, $44.

9. Dandelion Objet D'Art, Takeo Inoue from MoMA Store, $375.

10. Andy Warhol Soup Can Puzzle, The Whitney Museum Shop, $17.99

10 Better Things to Put on Your Book Stack

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