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Made in America: The Punk Soap Dish by Ampersand

I love it when something as innocuous as a soap dish starts to throw a little attitude. I mean, I couldn't even tell you what I have on my bathroom sink right now. Stainless steel, perhaps? Something totally forgettable. But I could never forget about this little wooden beauty, the Punk Soap Dish, from Cincinnati design studio Ampersand.

Putting aside the fact that its shape evokes a glorious bar of chocolate, the soap dish is a pleasure to hold (and behold). Handcrafted in Cincinnati of marine-grade teak, it embodies the principles of American-made to their core: simple, honest, hardworking, beautiful. It's also an easy way to inject a little masculinity into an often overly femme space (the powder-room sink, that is).

Loving so much of what designer Tim Karoleff produces. The gorgeous Delta bench, above, in maple on brass legs, would look so lovely in a simple mudroom with midcentury touches. And the genius Wallpockets (which you may remember from our Instagram) would be just the thing for my preschooler to hang her ever-increasing crafts projects around her bedroom.

(Photos courtesy Ampersand)

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