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The Find: The Best Monogrammed Straw Tote

The must-have of the summer, straight from the "It" girls' Instagrams.

It was Reese Witherspoon who once proclaimed the monogramming philosophy: "If it's not moving, monogram it." We too have strong feelings about slapping one's initials on life's pretty things (read: The New Rules of Monogramming). Our personalized obsession du jour? Rae Feather's painted monogram straw basket, popping up on the Insta feeds of fashion's jetsetting tastemakers—Amanda BrooksKim HersovPoppy Delevingne. From the beach to the pool to the farmer's market, this inked beauty sends a clear message of timeless simplicity. Can't bring yourself to store it after Labor Day? The bag can always double as the ultimate storage solution in your home.