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The Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup Solution: KeepCup

Eco coffee cup | Lonny.com(Images via KeepCup.com)
Some people start their mornings with a trip to the gym. I am not one of those people. Sure, I pass a gym or two on the way into the office—that's got to count for something, right?—but my days begin at the espresso bar nearby. Despite my love of (read: addiction to) caffeine, this morning routine has been weighing on my mind (pun intended) as I know I'm amassing a small personal landfill of paper cups.

Granted, we've all seen reusable coffee cups and to-go mugs, but is it just me or do most seem better suited to marathon chugging than leisurely sipping? I'm in need of something outside the realm of non-fat no whip organic soy Venti lattes. That's where the design-savvy KeepCup's Brew glass coffee cup comes in. Available in two sizes—8oz. ($24) and 12oz. ($26)—the pint-sized vessels can be customized with the brand's easy-to-use color selector. (Some Lonny-approved color combos can be seen above.) To top it all off, the cups reduce landfill waste over the course of a year by 99%. Bestill my beating liberal heart! And pull me another shot of espresso, while you're at it.
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