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The Find: Kip & Co. Bedding

The Find: Kip & Co. Bedding
We've been fans of this line of lively bedding from Down Under since its launch in 2012, but the onset of comforter season—and our renewed horror upon pulling out our old, feather-depleted one—has us trolling for an upgrade. And what better way to fend of the depressing onset of 4pm sunsets than a dose of super bright bedding from a trio of stylesetting Aussies?
The Find: Kip & Co. BeddingKip & Co.'s biannual collections are a quick fix for white bedding exhaustion, combining the season's go-to trends—g'day grid patterns and hex prints—with totally off-the-wall colors and throwback motifs. We're particularly fond of the roller rink-ready geometrics and the almost creepy eye print a la Allegra Hicks or Kenzo in their most recent release. Once you've stocked up for yourself, don't miss the adorable kids' collection and growing line of housewares. 
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