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The Dos and Don'ts of Dressing Your Bridesmaids

Molly Guy is the owner of Stone Fox Bride, a bridal boutique cut from a different cloth—one decidedly less frilly than your average wedding dress. Look out for her posts all month long on the Lonny blog, featuring her sage advice on dressing for the occasion.

Here’s a sure-fire way to make your best friends totally hate you: rope them into a situation where they have to respond to your every whim at the drop of a hat, make them buy a tacky pastel dress for five hundred dollars that they will only wear once and demand they spend every Saturday afternoon for a solid year shopping for your wedding dress.

(Photo courtesy Stone Fox Bride)Sounds like hell, right? Don’t be so quick to judge. Almost all of us end up as a bride or bridesmaid at some point in our lives. There's something to be said for honoring your nearest and dearest by asking them to participate in your most important day—but don’t forget the whole process can be taxing on those you love. Here’s what we suggest you do to ensure your best friendships are intact even after you say “I do.”

(Photo courtesy Stone Fox Bride)
DON’T make anyone buy a dress they hate and will never be able to wear again. Offer them an array of colors and styles to flatter both your color theme and their body type. Cream jumpsuits, vintage dresses, and white babydoll frocks dip-dyed at the bottom are all awesome options.

DO pay for them to have their hair-and-makeup done. Not like Miss America sprayed bouffants and drugstore false eyelashes; we’re all about having your girls look glowy and natural while walking down the aisle. Give each one the option of getting her hair braided in a style of their own choosing, and offer them radiant peachy cheek stain (We love Stila liquid blush in Sweet Pea, Fuschia, Poppy), and an array of light red lip stains.

DO give a personalized gift and hand-written note thanking them for their generous service. We are fans of inscribed books (“The Bell Jar”, “Great Gatsby,” and “I’m With The Band” are always crowd-pleasers), as well as calming essential oils, expensive bottles of wine, and, of course, our personal favorite — the Stone Fox Bride signature “Fuck Weddings” t-shirts and tote bags.

DO comp them a handmade local flower crown that they can wear during their wedding and dry out in their closet afterwards. Just because you’re the center of attention doesn’t mean they can’t wear wild roses in their hair!

DON’T forget that even though it’s your special day, your joy can be tough for your friends to stomach if they are struggling to sort out the tribulations of their own single-lady lives. Take the time to thank them for showing up — and try not to interpet their insecurity as a barometer of their love for you.

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