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5 Effortlessly Sexy Wedding Footwear Ideas

Molly Guy is the owner of Stone Fox Bride, a bridal boutique cut from a different cloth—one decidedly less frilly than your average wedding dress. Look out for her posts all month long on the Lonny blog, featuring her sage advice on dressing for the occasion.

Just because you're getting married does not give you license to buy some outlandishly expensive pair of satin-covered high heels with a ten-inch stiletto and some sort of rhinestone-y constellation on the side. Your dress will most likely cover your feet anyway, so why waste money on white shoes that will only collect dust once you run off into the sunset with your soulmate?

(Photo courtesy Stone Fox Bride)

I got married in a white strapless gown on a Sunday afternoon in October, and I agonized over my footwear literally up until the day before I walked down the aisle. In the end I went barefoot, which was actually great. For one, I did not tower over my husband (we're the same height, as much as he begs to differ) and I was totally comfortable the whole day. And two — my favorite wedding picture ever is the last one the photographer ever took, and it's my dirty toes peeking out from the hem of my dress. Even if no one knew that I was shoeless, the fact that I went rogue hippie beneath my fancy frock made the whole thing a little more me.

If you're anything like me and the idea of a white high heel makes you queasy, here are five suggestions for weathering the whole "what shoes should I wear" situation with grace:

  1. Don't wear shoes at all. Even if it's not a beach wedding! Just make sure your feet are good and pumiced, and that your toenails are polished and perf. Watch out for splinters if you're inside!
  2. Ebay is your new best friend. Lanvin makes great silver flats, and you can usually find a secondhand pair in very good shape online. Bid on a beauty that's in your size and try to keep it under two hundred bucks. You will DEF wear them again!
  3. If you're going to wear heels, don't wear hellishly high ones. You're a bride, not a hooker. We love a classic kitten heel, or Louboutins in shades of blush and peach. They will look amazing recycled with a color-blocked or patterned dress some season in the future.
  4. Flat white sandals are fine... and also super chic and totally timeless. Picture it down the line with some good jean shorts and a worn white tank.
  5. Go crazy. I've worked with brides that have worn Dr. Marten Boots or busted-up old black Converse under their twenty-thousand dollar ten-foot train dress just because they could. I love that idea. It's like a private joke between you and your feet.


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