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The Best Ikea Desks For Your Home Office

Creating a great work-from-home space? Ikea has you covered with these 12 stylish, affordable desks.

Courtesy of Ikea.

It's rare to find a piece of furniture that's functional, stylish, and affordable all at the same time, but one online retailer specializes in that exact combination: Ikea. Needless to say, this Swedish-Dutch designer is the ideal place to look when you want the best desks for your home office, but you don't want to waste any time or money. 

The absolute first thing you'll want to do is break out your measuring tape. A desk needs to fit comfortably in your space while also offering you enough room to work — and it should be an ideal height for your body, preferences, and office chair. (Some work desks are height-adjustable, which is great news for those who aren't sure how tall of a surface they need). 

While shopping, also keep your daily work routine in mind: Do you use a laptop or a desktop computer, and what other tools or supplies do you need on-hand? The right desk for a writer or administrative assistant will likely differ from the right desk for an architect, crafter, or artist. How about additional storage? Drawers and shelves hold your essentials and decor while keeping them safely out of the way. Do you like to get up and move a bit during the day? If so, a standing desk might be a great investment. These are all of the questions you should ask yourself before you purchase anything; that way, you can ensure that your space is optimized for working from home

Now, here's the best news: While the preliminary research might be a bit of a challenge, Ikea makes the shopping (and home delivery) especially easy. No matter what you do for a living, you've got plenty of options to choose from. These desks are stylish, functional, and designed for effortless incorporation into your space. 

1. The Most Popular Home Office Desk 

With nearly 50 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, the LILLÅSEN desk is one of Ikea's most popular options. That's largely because of how versatile and well-rounded it is. It offers a little over 40-by-19 inches of work space in a chic, sustainable bamboo finish — plus it has three letter-sized drawers for papers and office supplies. The underframe is made from durable steel, but it's powdered in white polyester so it'll go with just about any style of decor. Last but not least, the back is finished, so you can place it up against a wall or in the middle of the room. "A beautiful piece of work. Just love it. Easy to put together," one reviewer wrote. 

LILLÅSEN Bamboo Desk, $179, Ikea

2. The Best Budget-Friendly Option (And The Most Compact)

For under $40, you can get a brilliant, compact work space that folds down when it's not in use. Mount the BJURSTA drop-leaf table to the wall and it'll provide roughly 35-by-20 inches of space for your laptop or work projects. Then, when you're done, the hinged design allows you to store it away until next time (but the few inches of leftover space can still be used as a shelf). The powder-coated steel arm is supportive and durable, while the clear-lacquered surface wipes clean in case of spills. 

BJURSTA Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table, $40, Ikea

3. The Best Desk For Small Spaces

Specifically for smaller home offices or multi-purpose spaces, you'll want a desk that's compact and functional. The LISABO desk fits the bill — and it does so while looking especially sleek and minimalistic. The ash-veneer top offers 46-by-18 inches of space, the birch legs are plain and tapered for a mid-century modern appeal, and the single drawer is large enough to hold a 14-inch laptop. One reviewer also said it was "by far the fastest assembly of any Ikea furniture" they'd ever bought. 

LISABO Desk, $149, Ikea

4. The Best Temporary Option

Rushing to create an impromptu workspace? You'll likely want a desk that's affordable, low-maintenance, and easy to customize. That's the THYGE desk in a nutshell. While it provides about 47-by-24 inches of easy-to-clean work space, it's the best pick for a quick home setup because of its fast assembly, adjustable legs, and simple design. It also costs just $99 and can be disassembled later or repurposed for something else.

THYGE Desk, $99, Ikea

5. If You're Sharing Your Work Desk

Maybe two people need to work at once — or maybe one person is on their laptop while the other is eating their breakfast. Either way, the KULLABERG desk is the best option while you're sharing your workspace with others. Here's why: While it's a great height for a desk, it looks and functions like a table due to its fully flat surface and adjustable underframe cross. Also, at 43 inches long and 70 inches deep, it's super roomy — especially when combined with a second table, as seen above. Finally, the woodgrain pine top and powder-coated steel frame look great in both your home office and your kitchen

KULLABERG Desk, $149, Ikea

6. The Best Setup For Gamers And Techies

Computer towers, extra monitors, speakers, gaming headphones, keyboards — with its multiple levels and shelves, the FREDDE desk can handle it all, which is why it's the best pick for gamers or techies. It even has a few extra smart features, like wire hooks, cut-out cup holders, and high side panels to block out sun-glare. In total, this desk measures about 58 by 79 inches, and it's contoured to support your wrists and forearms while working. 

FREDDE Desk, $299, Ikea

7. Ideal For Crafters And Creative Workspaces

For the crafter or artist, few desks are as practical and well-designed as the NORDEN Gateleg table. It's made from chic birch wood, but it's unlike other options because of its additional storage and expandable work surface. The three vertical drawers are extra deep to hold your supplies, while the leaf props up with a swinging leg to add multiple feet to your work area. Then, when you're done with your project or shift, the leaf flips down and sits flush against the desk to save space.

NORDEN Gateleg Table, $199, Ikea

8. Sleek, Clean, And Goes With Everything

Don't want to disrupt your color scheme or existing decor while adding a desk? We don't blame you, which is why the ALEX desk made this list. It's pure white with clean angles and a straightforward design, so it'll go with virtually anything. In addition to its two drawers, it also has built-in cable management so you can keep wires out of sight. (If you're not loving the white, this desk comes in other colors like navy blue, dark gray, and greenish beige — and all of them feature a finished back, too.) 

ALEX Desk, $149, Ikea

9. The Best Sitting/Standing Desk

If you're in a more tactile profession or if you're looking to get the blood flowing during the workday, this is the desk for you. The SKARSTA sitting/standing desk has a brilliant hand crank that easily adjusts the height between 27 and 47 inches, so you can either use a chair or work on your feet. The large surface offers plenty of room for papers, supplies, and your computer, and the steel legs and particle-board tabletop are durable enough to stand up to all of your projects. 

SKARSTA Sitting/Standing Desk, $239, Ikea

10. If Style Is Your Top Priority

With its natural wood surface and black-stained pine body, the ARKELSTORP is easily one of the most stylish desks Ikea has to offer. It measures 55-by-27 inches and also features two drawers underneath, so it's plenty roomy — but it blends rather than overwhelms; the clean lines and classic colors will complement everything else in your home office or multi-purpose room. "Clean lines, simple design, easy to put together, attractive, drawers can be on right or left side, and spacious top," one reviewer raved. "What more can be said? Love it!" 

ARKELSTORP Desk, $199, Ikea

11. The Most Durable Option

The BEKANT desk is specifically designed to withstand years of hard work and coffee spills — but if something were to happen, it's still protected by a 10-year limited warranty. The steel and aluminum legs are extremely durable and can be adjusted to suit your preferred height, while the roomy surface is covered in an acrylic lacquer, so it effortlessly wipes clean. Underneath, you'll find a built-in net that keeps your wires hidden. Finally, this option is well-suited for a corner thanks to its curved design — but you can just as easily place it in the middle of a room. 

BEKANT Corner Desk, $279, Ikea

12. The Best Desk/Shelf Combo

If you're looking for a place to work and a place to store your books and office supplies, the SVALNÄS combination desk has you covered. Made primarily from bamboo, this wall-mounted solution features a two-drawer desk that measures 13.25 by 31.88 inches — and it has three shelves above that. The frame is stationary (as it's attached to the wall), but the desk and the shelves can be height-adjusted depending on your belongings and chair. 

SVALNÄS Wall-Mounted Storage Combination, $167, Ikea 

We hope you found a great desk for your home office! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.